Man sells his baby's name for a $100 gas card!

Sick, just sick............
When three Florida radio hosts set out to learn what their listeners would be willing to do in exchange for a $100 gas card, they never dreamed they'd get anyone as eager as father-to-be David Partin.
Floridians Samantha Bailey and David Partin's will name their baby Dixon Willoughby in exchange for a $100 gas card offered to them by the co-hosts of a morning radio show by the same name. Partin, who called into the Orlando, Fla.-based Dixon & Willoughby morning show early Monday morning, will enjoy the spoils of a couple tanks of free gas in exchange for welcoming son Dixon Willoughby Partin into the world this December.
He won the radio gas card contest by offering the hosts the chance to name his first-born child. The co-hosts generously agreed to drop the "&" from the name.
"If nothing else, he's going to have a damn good story behind his name and it will give him something to talk about," Partin, 26, said of his future son, due Dec. 28.