Sorry ladies....Rosie O'Donnell is still taken!

Rosie O'Donnell is laughing off a report in Cindy Adams' New York Post gossip column that she is leaving longtime partner Kelli Carpenter.
"Rosie thinks that Cindy Adams is a lesbian but she doesn’t know it yet," a rep for the former View co-host tells
"She's going to leave Kelli for Cindy Adams," the rep adds.
Adams reported Monday that the pair — who have been with each other since 1997 — "may not be so together anymore."
O'Donnell, 46, and Carpenter, 41, tied the knot in San Francisco in 2004. Together, they're raising adopted children Parker, 13; Chelsea, 11; and Blake, 8.
They also have biological daughter Vivienne Rose, 5.
O'Donnell recently declared she's waiting to remarry Carpenter until "it's legal everywhere."