Friday, May 16, 2008

President Tom Cruise???

God help us if the lunatic ever decides to go into real life politics.............
Director Kevin Smith has already backed him as choice to become America’s top leader, and now it seems as though Hollywood hotshots are eyeing up Tom Cruise to play the U.S. president.The Mission: Impossible star is currently in talks to play President Ben Cahill in action thriller movie 28th Amendment.The flick, to be made by filmmaker Phillip Noyce, will follow Cruise’s character as he battles the leaders of a super secret organisation, who control all U.S. affairs. Denzel Washington will reportedly play the leader of the sect Cruise's character is out to destroy, reports MovieHole.

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-> Ray said...

Ah, those were the days. Lou Gramm has had two outstanding collaborators over the years: Mick Jones in Foreigner, and Bruce Turgon for his side projects. The early nineties gave us the ideal scenario with all three working together. Is it any wonder that "Mr. Moonlight" is my choice for best Foreigner album? It's a woefully overlooked classic.

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