Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Links that take you high enough!

Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades perform "High Enough" live.

Deep Thoughts from Lindsay Lohan. Candy Kirby

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo eat cake. Celebitchy

Win socks! Celebrity Smack

Hillary Duff wears short shorts. Hollywoodtuna

Paul McCartney wants you to eat fish. In Case You Didn't Know

Draft Marissa Miller for your fantasy baseball team. NewsToob

Denise Richards is cute! The Rad Report


-> Ray said...

Lindsay Lohan appears to be channeling Kathleen Turner in that photo. Both are women who can be attractive, but often end up ... not so much.

Geno said...

Remember when Kathleen Turner was a sexy leading lady? It wasn't soon after that she was playing Chandler's FATHER on "Friends"...EEK!

-> Ray said...

I had forgotten that (the "Friends" casting, I mean; I'll never forget when she was a sexy leading lady).

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