Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Links that say never again!!!

ASIA's new track "Never Again" from their upcoming "Phoenix" CD. Outstanding! For all things ASIA visit

Eva Mendes shops! Celebrity Pictures

Mel B. shops for Gold. Celebrity Puke

Mariah Carey in London. Celebrity Smack

Gianne Albertoni gallery. Celebslam

George Clooney is terrified of going bald. Hollyscoop

Mariah Carey's "Migrate" track. lovebscott

Gisele makes white look....dirty! NewsToob

Paula Abdul takes photos. Popbytes

"Dawson" gets a new job! Televisionista


-> Ray said...

Okay, I should be in the right spot now:
Nothing compares to the real thing.
ASIA is back.
I wonder which of my orders will come first? European version from; Japanese version from; or the domestic version from
(I'll probably have to go out for yet another copy at a nearby BestBuy on April 15th.)

Geno said...

I'll be buying multiple copies also. Woooohooooo!

-> Ray said...

I received notice that my order has shipped. Now I'll be anxious to see how long it takes to get across the big pond.

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