Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Links that never say Mea Culpa!

Mike & The Mechanics performing "Mea Culpa" live. Lead vocals by the late, great Paul Young.

Jamie Eason is a revelation. Celebrity Pictures

Nicole Richie goes birthday shopping. Celebrity Puke

Tori Spelling on GMA. Celebrity Smack

Deep thoughts by Iggy Pop, Madonna and Justin. Circus Hour

Jessica Simpson may destroy us all. NewsToob

The Bionic Man has a young, cute wife. Right Celebrity

Gizzie is a hot topic! Televisionista


CresceNet said...

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-> Ray said...

Lee Majors better have a good pre-nup, or he might get taken for (*gasp*) THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

Geno said...

LOL Ray! And yes....I has a 6 Million dollar man action figure back in the day...........

-> Ray said...

Me, too. The weird rubber arm skin always got wrinkled, so he ended up looking like the 6 Million Dollar Geriatric Man.
(I suspect that many kids learned about condoms from that arm thing.)

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