Will Ferrell and Andre 3000 open up to Complex magazine!

I've dunked myself so many times just like Will. I have mean skills..........
Far from amateurs, and always professional, that’s how we get down at Complex. Our cover subjects have been known to deliver the seasons’ best comedies (We see you Seth Rogen). So we kept it consistent for our Feb/March issue, pairing Semi-Pro stars Will Ferrell and Andre Benjamin on our cover. They had plenty to say about their new ABA-inspired comedy, groupies and haters. And when it came to the photo shoot they left it all on the court. This quote from Ferrell’s publicist should give you some insight as to what went down: “Will doesn’t think it’s violent enough. Can he slam himself face-first through the hoop?” Click on the pic below to see for yourself. Till you see the rest of the issue, enough said.