Thursday, February 07, 2008

Trinity's Carrie Underwood cover makes her a "Total Pop Star"!

Trinity Scott's version of "Don't Forget To Remember Me" blew me away! What a voice. Her eyes are mezmerizing!
Check her out at "Total Pop Star"!


JesseJ said...

That's My TRINITY !!!!! Whoo Go Trinity... Makes me laugh at the performance videos of us on my myspace. :-) You keep on blowing them away. You got this..

Trinity said...

Hey!! Thanks SO MUCH for the support!! I'm blown away that Geno even featured sweet!!
What videos?? Are you talking about Daniel Lueck's film??

Anonymous said...

Trinity you have such a strong and passionate voice----must be because you are such a strong and passionate gal! Can't wait to see (and hear!) more of ya! ~Lisa Holt

Anonymous said...

Wow! Geno is so right about that video. Trinity, you already know what an amazing talent I think you are, but I'm so glad so many others are getting to see your beautiful face and hear your flawless voice. Great job! And thanks to Geno for featuring our friend!! Karen S

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