Ryan Reynolds flew across the ocean to have lunch with his girlfriend.

Ryan and I are almost twins. Except for the fame, the money, Scarlett Johansson and the 6 pack.............
Ryan Reynolds once flew to the UK just to have lunch with a beautiful girl. The 'Definitely Maybe' actor - who is now dating Scarlett Johansson - jetted across the Atlantic to surprise his London lover.
Ryan said: "It was a few years ago, but I once flew all the way to London to have lunch with this girl I was dating.
"She lived in the UK and I was in the US obviously. We had just started dating and didn't really get to see as much of each other as we would have like to because of the distance and work. So I just jumped on a plane to be with her."
Despite his splashing out on the grand romantic gesture, Ryan refused to pick up the tab for lunch.
He added to Britain's Heart radio station: "I had to leave the very same day so it was pretty romantic but expensive. I made her buy the sandwich though!"
'Definitely Maybe' - which also stars Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher - opens in cinemas this Friday (08.02.08).