John Waite and Simon Kirke to form new "Bad" supergroup!

Sounds good!
Melodic Rock:
We'll start today's update off with some exclusive information that will clarify a rumor going around right now. In recent weeks there has been reports of singer John Waite talking about a new band project he has lined up for 2008 and hopeful fans being what they are - whispers about The Babys possibly reforming started up.Unfortunately, there are no plans for The Babys to reform.But John Waite has put a band project together. My source has delivered to me the proposed line-up, which I'll pass on right here:Vocals - John Waite; Guitars - Audley Freed (ex-Cry Of Love, now touring with Peter Frampton); Drums - Simon Kirke (Bad Company); Bass - Tim Hogan (JW Touring Band); Organ - Ian Maclaglan (Ronnie Wood).I'm told that the band has plans to write and record original material. There is no name for the project, but don't be surprised to see it reflect two past group names that the guys were involved with (ie. Bad English and Bad Company).Stay tuned for more...sounds interesting!