Joey McIntyre says the New Kids on the block reunion is in the preseason!

I'll fill in if any of the members back out. I can't sing or dance, but I've got star potential. My Mom told me so when I was 5.........
Access Hollywood:
While the New Kids on the Block have kept relatively quiet over rumors of a reported comeback, one “Kid” did offer a little bit of insight to
While attending the Victoria’s Secret “What Is Sexy?” Super Bowl party on Saturday night in Scottsdale, Arizona, Joey McIntyre said some preliminary steps towards a possible comeback have been taken – and, keeping with the Super Bowl theme, Joey used a few football analogies to explain.
“It could be the preseason. I don’t know if we’re kicking off yet and had the opening game, but it’s the preseason,” Joey told on the Victoria’s Secret pink carpet. “So far, it’s been fun and we’re going to take the next step. It’s cool.”