Jessica Alba Twins rumor is lame. What if she were having quintuplets???

Everyone is having twins. Ho Hum. Quintuplets? Now that would be something.........
Star Pulse:
Jessica Alba has just learned she's set to join Jennifer Lopez and become a first-time mum to twins. The sexy Latina is the latest Hollywood star set to join the current twins trend, which was kicked off by Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross and now reportedly includes Angelina Jolie too.
Alba is so excited about the news, she has been letting all her friends know - and one source has blurted the baby exclusive out to U.S. tabloid National Enquirer, along with the due date, June 8.
One friend tells the publication, "Knowing that she's going to have twins has turned Jessica's life upside down. She and (fiance) Cash have had to scrap plans for a one-baby nursery and start all over again."
Although the couple know they're set to become parents to twins, they have no idea about the sex of their babies.
The source adds, "They're not sure whether they want to know the sex of the babies now or wait to be surprised."