Jessica Alba talks about being branded a slut!

Where would they get such an idea?...........................................
Jessica Alba has revealed that she was subjected to bullying and branded a ‘slut’ at school after developing her ample bosom at a young age.The Fantastic Four actress wrote an essay for the forthcoming book ‘If I’d Known Then’ confessing the main culprits of the name calling were classmates’ mothers and her elementary school principle.Alba confesses: "The accusation still ricochets. 'They think I'm a slut?'"Another quote lifted from the essay tells of the pregnant star’s thoughts of teenage boys and urges youngsters to practice safe sex."Boys are awful. They are made of nothing by hormones until they are about 20 or 21. But it's fun to have a crush, but don't think it's forever. And use birth control and condoms, please.”Maybe the mother-to-be should practice what she preaches