Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Jennifer Aniston ruining Aaron Eckhart?

I like Aaron. He's an awesome actor. If Aniston is getting her scabby claws on him, he's ruined. Ruined I say! She's got bad mojo........
Daily Mail:
At last it seems everyone's favourite friend has something to smile about.
Jennifer Aniston, who turned 39 last week, has apparently been enjoying a romance with her dashing leading man, Aaron Eckhart.
Insiders say the popular actress and Eckhart, who is also the same age, have become inseparable on the set of 'Travelling' in Vancouver, Canada.


Anonymous said...

It will sell the film the same way it did for the breakup which made loads of money even though it was a rubbish film. Although if these two had children they would have the most incredible chins and noses

Geno said...

You are right on all points!

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