Monday, February 04, 2008

"Geno's World" named official blogger for "Total Pop Star"!

The internet sensation "Total Pop Star" has captured the imagination of performers and fans alike! Billed as "One of The World's Biggest Singing Competitions", the show has lived up to its name! In the coming weeks, "Geno's World" will showcase exclusive content about "Total Pop Star" that you won't find anywhere else. This week, "Geno's World" will interview "Total Pop Star" judge Andrew Van Slee. "Total Pop Star" is just the latest feather in Andrew's long list of accomplishments. Besides acting, writing and directing feature films, Andrew is a giant in the music business! Later this month, Geno's World will have an exclusive interview with Pop sensation and "Total Pop Star" judge, Deborah Gibson! Make sure you stay tuned to "Geno's World" world for the latest on "Total Pop Star and check out the official website here.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Geno! This is great news. I love that site. Very cool.

Metal Mike said...

Ask Debbie Gibson if she wants to sit on my lap! You go Geno!

Anonymous said...

Thank Deborah for posing in Playboy. I loved her spread! Photo spread that is!

Paula Abdul's #1 fan said...

Geno, are you jealous of idol?


Total Popstar, A Scam? Read on and you decide!


On May 30th 2008, TOTAL POP STAR, one of the largest online singing competition faced what it seem as "the biggest controversy on the worldwide web ever." Thousands of contestants and supporters worldwide were confused and angered at the turnout of the Season 1 deadline where most votes including those of the finalists were either reset to zero or lessened (literally 'lessened' as some contestants weren't really back to zero but still had their thousand votes). Where did the hard earned votes go? Nobody knows.
For more info, go to

Case study contents:

Section 1: Violations of own TPS Contest Rules; Votes Irregularities; and BMI, ASCAP and SESAC license issues.

Section 2: Ammended Desist and Refrain Order for violations of Section 25110 of the Corporations Code. Issued by the State of California Business and Transportation Agency Department of Corporations. Dated: April 2, 2008

Section 3: Deleted critical comments on Total Pop Star page which holds the May 30th evidences and which provoked this case study.

References, footnotes, and related readings:

1. What is an LLC (Limited Liability
2 The Corporations Code section 25110

Send your comments and inquiries at

Anonymous said...

I love this site. Total Pop Star just anounced Season 1 Winner!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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