Exclusive! Con artists try to take advantage of Britney Spears situation by selling fake autographs!

What's hotter than ever? Britney Spears' autographs. Collectors are buying up Britney memorabilia faster than dealers can keep them in stock. Fans and collectors have the idea that in the worst case scenario of Britney's death, the value of her "John Hancock" will skyrocket. Unfortunately, there are plenty of shady characters out there who are trying to cash in by selling
fake Britney Spears autographs for sinful sums of cash! Out of the blue there are autographed Glossy photos, posters, plaques of Ms. Spears on eBay, at local mall carts and everywhere on the net. One stand up dealer who requested to remain anonymous told Geno's World that he knows this practice will backfire in the long run. "Look, I know I could make a great stack of cash by lowering myself to my competitors level. But I know him and all the other scumbags are gonna get caught in the end. It's good business to sell only autographed items that I have acquired myself. If a fan is trying to buy Britney's autograph & the dealer has a stack of Britney autographs, something is fishy." The dealer also warned against Spears' items that are too affordable to be true. "It's an old saying but it still holds true today. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!". And what about those certificates of authenticity? "Anyone can make one of those things. All those certificates are good for is a Charmin substitute!".