Avril Lavigne fights back. She says she's not "cheap!".

I wish I had backup dancers..........
Avril Lavigne slams reports that she is cheap. The pop punk singer denies she is paying her dancers below industry standards.
An email was leaked to the press saying that her back-up dancers feel they are receiving less than what the industry rates call for.
It also claims they are "offered no additional per diem (daily rates of pay) and no plus agency fee, which is standard in our industry. We have expressed our concerns to Avril's management but they have decided to move forward regardless."
The email was first published in celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's website.
The 23-year-old's publicist blasts the dancers' allegations saying, "We have been told that the rates for the dancers are within the industry standard.
Avril prides herself in treating everyone on the tour with the utmost respect and consideration and pays them well within the industry standard."