"24" put on ice until 2009! Nooooooooooooo!!!

In the meantime, I pledge to spend the next year imitating Jack Bauer on a daily basis.
Jack Bauer has been thrust into captivity -- this time by FOX execs! -- until next January, the Associated Press reports. The network has decided to air "24"'s seventh season on consecutive weeks, and if it began doing so now, the season finale wouldn't hit small screens until this summer -- a time when TV networks are wary of airing their top-shelf shows, according to the AP.
Also, although eight new episodes were shot prior to the writers' strike, producers would have had to rush to complete the new season, the news agency reports.
In the meantime, '24' fans can catch series' star KIEFER SUTHERLAND in the upcoming horror flick 'Mirrors' -- premiering in 2008!