Paris Hilton parties at lesbian hot spots.

Stay home Paris! Read a book! Stay outta jail!
Gossip Girls:
Quickly becoming the party girl she swore she’d never be again, Paris Hilton was spotted amidst a dizzying night of social affairs last night in West Hollywood.
The Simple Life starlet first showed up at the Crustacean for an after-party for the 2008 Screen Actors Guild awards. She was wearing a cute short-sleeved plaid dress complete with a trendy fedora.
After the SAG festivities, Paris headed over to gay night at the Falcon on Sunset Boulevard. This time she was sporting a dark wig, and ended up leaving with reality show star Brittny Gastineau.
The next stop on the “Stars Are Blind” singer’s agenda was hot spot Hyde night club, before ending her night partying at the LAX Club.