Links that say "You better wait!"

Steve Perry's video for "You Better Wait". One of my favorite solo tunes from Steve!

What is Lucy Liu wearing??? Ayyyy!

Kim Kardashian hits the beach. Celeb Pictures

Tori Spelling is pregnant! Celebrity Puke

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are skinny bitches! Celebrity Smack

Hayden Panettiere loves Pepsi! Hayden's Countdown

Hannah Montana drives boy insane! Holy Candy

Mary J. Blige is on the cover of Vibe for the 9th time! lovebscott

Mitt Romney is called a pig and almost gets his teeth knocked out! Mitt Romney Is The Devil

Jamie Lynn Spears whored by her mother! NewsToob

Heidi Klum wears short skirts well! OMG I Love Her Style!

Flavor Flav is back looking for love! Popbytes

Britney Spears' boyfriend uses male enhancement products? Seriously? OMG! WTF!

"Total Pop Star" is called the next Alicia Keys! Sexy Sandy Says

On which show did Heather Locklear cause chaos behind the scenes??? Televisionista