Thursday, January 31, 2008

Links that are "Touch and Go"!

Emerson Lake & Powell's video for "Touch and Go". Despite the label in the video, Carl Palmer is not on drums. The late Cozy Powell took his spot for this 80s CD. Thanks to Ray for reminding me about this CD recently!

Pop Quiz: Kate Hudson! Ayyyy!

Kristen Bell at the airport. Celebrity Pictures

Celebrity rehab: Will Jeff leave? Celebrity Smack

Azusa Yamamoto is a cutie! Celebslam

Rachel Nichols goes red for GI Joe! Fire Cubed

New and improved vibrating rings! Holy Candy

Eva Longoria thinks Jessica Alba will be a great Mom. In Case You Didn't Know

Rihanna's got milk! lovebscott

Jennifer Walcott made me spill coffee on my desk! NewsToob

Gerard Depardieu ogles Sophia Loren! Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Th tragic Heather Ledger drug tape. Splash

Parents Television Council wants to kill "Dexter" on CBS! Televisionista

Christina Aguilera hides her baby with a blanket. We Love Celebs!

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