Eddie Murphy is compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!

Don't we all have a "Mr. Hyde" side one time or another?.........
Tracey Edmonds reportedly split from Eddie Murphy because of his "controlling Jekyll and Hyde-like character."
Despite reports the couple's relationship broke down because Edmonds refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, an insider claims the film producer called things off after Murphy became physically intimidating towards her.
The source told the New York Post newspaper: "That was kind of the last straw. She was happy to sign a prenup - she has her own money. She was very accommodating. But then it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."
"Eddie became very controlling and insisted on bringing his mother on their honeymoon."
"They got into a huge fight. He started screaming at her and grabbed her. She was scared."
'Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' is a book written by Robert Louis Stevenson, telling the story of a London lawyer with a split personality.