Bono says watching the new U2 3D movie is horrific!!

I imagine he then started coughing wildly due to his constant smoking.........
The BBC is calling it the future of film, and now U2 is unleashing the ultimate rock experience: "U2 3D," the first live-action movie ever shot, produced and shown in digital 3D.
"I don't know if it can live up to the hype," the modest Bono confessed. "It is only a concert film, but it's a 3D concert film, and we gave it everything we have."
Opening in limited release this week, the film will only be shown in specially-equipped theaters.
So how does it feel for Bono to see himself on the big screen?
“It’s kind of horrific!" he said. "It’s bad enough on the small screen. You think, ‘Oh, god. Now, you get to see that lard arse 40 feet tall.’”