Natalie Imbruglia auditions for "Wolverine" movie.

6 Year old girl lies about her father's death in Irag to win Hannah Montana tickets.

Jenna Fisher from "The Office" must have suffered a concussion.

Keira Knightley hates Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman is pregnant until she denies it.

Links that want to be the one.

Jennifer Aniston denies being pregnant. Is she just bloated???

Michael Lohan defends Britney Spears' family.

Penelope Cruz and her SISTER????? get raunchy in their brother's music video.

Jessica Simpson buys her jailed "Prison Break" friend a TV to watch in his cell.

Ozzy Osbourne's $2 million book deal is in jeopardy. He can't remember his life or what he had for breafast this morning.

Victoria Beckham calls Geri Halliwell a beggar....of dates???

Links who don't have to see to believe.

Ivanka Trump is serenaded by workmen eating sausage at party.

Is Lindsay Lohan behind her private "sexy" pictures being sold?

Mischa Barton is a drunk, drug possessing criminal.

I have one wish in life. I'm dying to be invited to Kristen Bell's house for full contact charades.

Jennifer Aniston is sooooooo pregnant.....Maybe........No she is!........Uhhhhh......Maybe....

Angelina Jolie spreads cavier on her face to look young.

Links that enjoy changes.

Will Smith calls Hitler comments "an utter and disgusting lie".

Denzel Washington is called a "prickly jerk" after a difficult interview.

David Beckham stuffs Victoria Beckham's stocking with a $1,500 book.

Lisa Kudrow says that young stars are spoiled.

Where are your favorite celebs spending Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Michelle Rodriguez thanks her fans for their support, while she's in the slammer.

Michael Bolton has the writer's strike to thank for more time with Nicollette Sheridan.

Dr. Phil thinks Lynn Spears is a great mother???

The "Sex And The City" women's wrinkles erased by digital editing?

Sign of a slow news cycle: AP reports on Mr. Bean denting a car.

Lindsay Lohan is described as "wild in bed" and a nymphomaniac!