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Links that have rocked with legends!

Joanathan Mover has played drums for numerous legends!

Hayden Panettiere has it in the bag! 7 Confessions

Paris Hilton in pink. Celeb Pictures

Britney Spears causes a media frenzy. Celebrity Puke

Kristen Bell films "Heroes" on the run. Celebslam

Jessica Simpson's acting career is over. Holy Candy

Louise Glover seems healthy. NewsToob

Bionic collapse! Televisionista

Paris Hilton makes little boys cry. The Star Blogger

Barbara Walters picks boring and mean spirited stars like Victoria Beckham for her "Fascinating" show.

Yawn....Justin Timberlake??zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Access Hollywood:
Justin Timberlake, Victoria Beckham and Katherine Heigl are all “Fascinating” – just ask Barbara Walters.
But they aren’t the only ones.
“Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007” will air on ABC on Thursday, December 6, Access Hollywood has learned.
Besides Justin, Posh and Katherine, other celebrities dubbed “Fascinating” by Walters include Jennifer Hudson, David Beckham, former President Bill Clinton, along with MySpace moguls Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe.
There will also be two surprise guests, according to ABC, including The Number One Most Fascinating Person of 2007.

Dave Grohl says painkillers helped him marry the woman of his dreams.

Just say no kids.............
Star Pulse:
Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl credits his bandmate Taylor Hawkins' painkillers overdose with giving him the courage to settle down - he immediately asked his future wife out on a date.
Hawkins spent two days in a coma following the overdose in 2001, and an emotional Grohl decided to contact MTV producer Jordyn Blum, who he had once casually dated - for moral support.
He says, "I had decided I didn't want to get serious about a relationship because I was single and I was running around. I was free. But that (calling Jordyn) was the first thing I thought about when Taylor came out of it. I had met the woman I should marry and have children with and I hadn't talked to her in months.
"She said, 'You're the last person I thought I'd ever hear from again.' And I said, 'Hey, let's go to dinner.'"
Grohl and Blum married in 2003 and have an 18-month-old daughter, Violet.

Friday, November 09, 2007

"The Hills" Audrina Patridge finally dumps her caveman boyfriend.

She'll be back with him soon enough. .....Did I just post about "The Hills" again??....Sigh...........
"I caught him doing something he shouldn't have been doing and it was just the last straw," Patridge, 22, tells Us of her October 16 fight with Brescia outside of L.A. nightclub Opera.
What was Justin Bobby up to?
A Hills source says he was "making out with a red-headed girl right in front of Audrina, and when she confronted him about it he laughed in her face."
Patridge tells Us, "It was one of the hardest nights ever I've had to deal with. And it was on camera too."

Jerry Seinfeld's wife's cookbook controversy and wedgie proof underwear?

Must be a slow day over at Inside Edition..........

Jessica Seinfeld's Cookbook Controversy: Her book is the #1 bestselling cookbook in the country. But are all the recipes really hers? This chef says it is her idea, and some of them are her recipes. Cooking the cookbooks? Rip off or just a coincidence? Wedgie-Proof Underwear: The 8-year-old inventor twins. Wedgie-proof underwear!

Avril Lavigne tries to kick Perez Hilton's ass.

I'm sure Perez loves any publicity he can get..........

Jennie Garth loves Doritos and being half naked.

We have so much in common........
Jennie Garth's DWTS Makeover: I'm So Comfortable With My Body, I Can Go Out There Half Naked! Jennie Garth’s slimming down secret is not what you might think. “I eat a lot now,” the Dancing with the Stars contestant tells Us Weekly. “I love a late-night Dorito.”
The 35-year-old mom of three (Luca, 10, Lola, 4, and Fiona, 1) has found the alternative to dieting: “Rehearsing for six hours.”
Garth tells Us, "When I decided to do [Dancing with the Stars], I did pilates three days a week and cardio twice. I hated it, but it helped. Once I started dancing, things changed faster than when I was just working out."

Jimmy Carter shot and killed his sister in law's cat.

emptyage has a photo and translation of the bizarre 1990 letter.

Winona Ryder to go where no man has gone before.

She's still working?
Star Trek" is beaming up Winona Ryder.
Paramount Pictures and director JJ Abrams have set Ryder to play the Vulcan mother of a young Spock (Zachary Quinto).
Scripted by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the film revolves around the Starfleet Academy days of the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Chris Pine has been set to play Capt. Kirk, Simon Pegg will play Scotty, Karl Urban is Dr. McCoy and Eric Bana will play the villain, Nero.
Ryder recently wrapped "The Informers," a Gregor Jordan-directed adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel, and the Geoffrey Haley-directed "The Last Word."
She is in pre-production on the Rebecca Miller-directed "Private Lives of Pippa Lee."

Bourne Ultimatum is nominated for 1,359 People's Choice Awards.

O.k........maybe 4...........
Access Hollywood
“The Bourne Ultimatum” was among leading nominees for the 34th annual People’s Choice Awards, organizers said Thursday.
The spy thriller was nominated for favorite movie, favorite action movie and favorite “threequel.” Leading man Matt Damon was nominated for favorite male action star.
He’s up against Johnny Depp, who got nods in the male action star and favorite male movie star categories. Jessica Alba scored nominations for favorite leading lady and favorite female action star.
In music, Justin Timberlake earned nominations for favorite male singer and favorite pop song. “Give It to Me,” a Timbaland song on which Timberlake is featured, garnered a nod for favorite hip-hop song.
Other multiple nominees included “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” and “Transformers.”
Winners will be announced Jan. 8 during an awards show broadcast on CBS.

Ellen DeGeneres is a scab.

This is the worst decision she's made since hooking up with that lunatic Ann Heche.........
DAVID Letterman, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien all are supporting the striking members of the Writers Guild - but not Ellen DeGeneres.
The TV chat host crossed picket lines to tape her show Tuesday, the day after the union went on strike.
"There's a writers' strike going on, and here in Los Angeles, it's a huge story," she told her studio audience, defending her strikebreaking. (The episode will air today.)
"I want to say I love my writers. I love them. In honor of them today, I'm not going to do a monologue. I support them and hope that they get everything they're asking for. And I hope it works out soon. In the meantime, people have traveled across the country. They've made plans. They're here. I want to do everything I can to make your trip enjoyable and give you a show."
It's a decision DeGeneres may come to regret. On, one former, unidentified, writer for her 2001-02 sitcom, "The Ellen Show," reports she treated her writers "like [bleep]."

Rihanna causes chaos at a wedding with her breasts.

The horror! The outrage!.........
Rihanna reportedly upstaged the bride at a recent wedding by turning up in a boob-exposing dress.
Fellow guests at the nuptials of Rihanna’s cousin Nigel Alstrom's on 27 October were not impressed with the Umbrella pin-up’s stunning blue gown that left little to the imagination – including the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.
Side views of the singer apparently gave conservative wedding guests an eye-full of the star's assets.
One disapproving family member said: "She should have been more low-key, dressed appropriately.
"...she had words with her aunt and mother, and she was asked to leave."
The 19-year-old recently revealed she would never even wear a bikini in a video or photoshoot - because family members would be

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pink makes out with a woman at hotel?

Lesbian fling or fun night with friends? How many times do we ask that question?
Celebrity Wonder
The "Stupid Girls" singer - who has been plagued by rumors her relationship with her motocross star husband Carey Hart is on the rocks - is allegedly so tired of her husband's dalliances with other women she decided to hit back by "making out" with a mystery woman at Santa Monica's Viceroy Hotel.A source told Australia's New Weekly magazine: "She was flirting the way you'd expect her to flirt with a man, cuddling and being overly affectionate.""They were making out."Pink's representative has strongly denied the star is having a lesbian fling, and insists Pink was just enjoying a night out with her friends.

The Hills bitches Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag kiss and make up.

I'm ashamed at myself every time I watch "The Hills" or blog about it. I hang my head in utter shame.....
It seems Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag have put their differences aside and ended their celebrity feud. The Hills stars were seen together the weekend before Halloween getting into Lauren's black Mercedes convertible, which was parked in the garage of Lauren's building, a source tells Star. "They were laughing, hugging and being very affectionate with one another," says the source. "There were no MTV cameras around," the source adds. "This seemed like the real deal. I saw Heidi coming to visit Lauren at her apartment without her fiancé Spencer Pratt." So why the low-key meeting? "I think Lauren and Heidi made a secret pact not to tell anyone," the source says. After all, The Hills thrives on drama from their falling out. Things will heat up on Monday's episode though when Lauren and Heidi have a face-to-face talk. Considering that Lauren tells Heidi, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you," in a video preview of the episode, it doesn't seem like an on-screen reconciliation is imminent. Hmmm...

Links whose love will lift you higher and higher.

Gioia's official website
Firing up the house, Gioia Bruno of Exposé fame will be making a very special appearance this Sunday, November 11th during Tom Whitman’s “SIZE” event at West Hollywood’s Here Lounge. When Gioia takes the stage, she’ll perform her new chart-busting single “Your Love is Lifting Me (Higher and Higher).” In addition, Gioia will debut “Shelter is Heaven,” a new single from her forthcoming album, which she is working on with internationally renowned lyricist/poet Jimmy D. Robinson and Emilio Estefan’s brilliant composer Bruno Linares.

Proving unstoppable, time after time, Gioia is pioneering yet a new musical journey in collaboration with the prolific songwriter Jimmy D. Robinson. Composer Bruno Linares stunningly sets to music Robinson’s remarkable poems and lyrics, which convey an inspirational message of hope. The new upcoming album promises to be a remarkable and beautiful piece of woven lyrical and melodic tapestry. The first single completed, “Shelter is Heaven,” emanates from Robinson’s “People are People” book, which will be included in The 50th Annual Grammy Awards gift bags. Several Here Lounge guests will be fortunate enough to walk away with one of Robinson’s critically acclaimed “People are People” hardbacks, to be given away Sunday night. Gioia is overjoyed with anticipation to share her brand new sound with West Hollywood’s finest.
Gioia Bruno is scheduled to perform at 8:00pm. Here Lounge is located at 696 N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. For more information on Here Lounge and “SIZE” please visit or

Eva Mendes is a vision. 7 Confessions

Britney Spears bought a new car. Britney Spears Blackout

Ali Larter looks great in jeans! Celeb Pictures

James Caan lights one up. Celebrity Puke

Katie Price at Cosmo awards. Celebrity Smack

Jewel has no friends and 4 boobs. Celebslam

Nicole Kidman and her pregnant man Keith Urban. Holy Candy
Gemma Atkinson loves her lingerie. NewsToob

Tom Cruise paid Katie Holmes $600 million to marry him? Popbtyes

Did Rumer Willis borrow Demi Moore's dress? Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Horrible news for "24" fans. Televisionista

Jennifer Lopez announced her pregnancy. The Star Blogger

Eric Roberts has fond memories of his porn star past.

If only his sister Julia Roberts had a porn star past........
Star Pulse:
Heroes star Eric Roberts will never regret his porn-star past - because his female co-star in his first adult film was gorgeous. Roberts was a teenager when he accepted the rude role, playing a schoolboy seduced by his teacher.
He says, "I was 17 and studying as an actor in London. And one day I went back stage and this great big fat guy offered me a part in this film. I was to play a young boy at school who's 'got a special meeting with his teacher'. And I was like, 'Okay, cool, I'll do it'.
"So I turn up the next day on set and realize it's a porn movie. But when I see the girl who's playing the teacher, it was too good an opportunity to miss."

Shakira does not want to be made a honest woman.

Who would want to marry a hot, rich and famous woman anyway?.............
Shakira insists she is in no rush to marry.
The "Hips Don't Lie" singer, who has been engaged to Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua for around six years, is madly in love and happy with her relationship just the way it is.
Shakira said, "We'll get married eventually, or we won't, but we're together and that's what matters. We love each other and we want to stay like that. Why fix something that's not broken?"

Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe says he wouldn't have a one night stand.

Any press is good press.....
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he would never participate in a one night stand because he doesn’t want the lucky lady to give out details of his bedroom antics.
The 18 year old has admitted that he wouldn’t sleep with a girl without getting to know her first.
Radcliffe tells Heat magazine, "No, I wouldn't (have a one night stand). Because the next few weeks would be awful, worrying she'd sell her story to the press."
The Harry Potter star has been seeing actress Laura O’Toole whom he met while performing a string of London shows for the play Equus. In the play, Radcliffe strips off and is completely naked in one of the scenes.
At least she got to see the goods before deciding to date him.

Crazy Boston Priest arrested for stalking Conan O'Brien.

A Boston priest in trouble? Shocking.........
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has placed a Stoneham priest on leave after the 46-year-old was arrested in New York City last week on charges of stalking talk-show host Conan O'Brien. The Rev. David Ajemian is accused of sending threatening mail to the host's home and office, contacting his parents, and showing up at studios in Manhattan where O'Brien's show is shot, Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney's office, told the Associated Press.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's infamous Mercedes is for sale on eBay.

$110,700? Do they take checks? I could also check my piggy bank....
We purchased this car with minor damage in the left front corner from California about 60 days ago. When it arrived at our shop we had no idea the previous owner of the car was a noted actress/celebrity. One of our customers looked at the car and showed us the following YouTube video. ( Note: the car is at the last half of this video which is 6 minutes long. Checking the license plate on our car with the license plate in the video they matched. This is the car that you see in the video parked up against a palm tree on Sunset Blvd. This cars was previously owned by the actress Lindsay Lohan. Search the web for "Lindsay Lohan DUI" and you will see many articles about the car and the accident which occured on May 26, 2007 at 5:30 AM.

Links that can't find their way home.

Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton! Together again!

Heroes magazine. 7 Confessions

Britney Spears goes blond. Britney Spears Blackout

Jessica Alba at LAX. Celebrity Pictures

Lindsay Lohan is still dressed for Halloween! Celebrity Puke

Nick Hogan is in big trouble. Celebrity Smack

Rebecca Loos is not fat. Celebslam

George Clooney and Fabio almost fight. Holy Candy

Alessandra Ambrosio has great legs. The full gallery at NewsToob

Angelina Jolie loves her bodyguard. Popbytes

The Ultimate X-Files set! Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Is "Lost" going to be postponed? Televisionista

Lindsay Lohan will ruin "Ugly Betty". The Star Blogger

US magazine declares that Britney Spears is insane.

What gave them that idea? She seems fine. Really...........Bwahahahahahaha.
Days after a judge ruled that Britney Spears could only spend three days a week with her children, she reacted by leaving her two kids in a parked car with a court-appointed monitor (whose job description does not include babysitting) as she shopped for $18,200 worth of chandeliers at the Crystal Place design shop near L.A. November 4.
Why does Spears, 25 — even after having physical custody of her kids taken away — keep exhibiting such questionable parenting skills?
Sources say the troubled pop star does not seem to grasp the gravity of her custody case, and they blame her bizarre public behavior (swapping clothes with a stranger, among her recent moves) on psychological issues, not drugs.
“It’s not substance abuse — it’s mental!” a confidante tells Us.
Pals suspect adult-onset ADD or depression, with one friend saying, “Postpartum has always been a problem” after giving birth to Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is left in tears and exhausted after filming "Ghost Whisperer" scene.

I cry and feel exhausted every time I see Love on the small screen.........
PR Inside
Claustrophobic actress JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT was left petrified on the set of hit TV show GHOST WHISPERER recently - when she had to spend 14 hours shooting a scene in a tiny tunnel.The star was less than pleased when she found out her character in the spooky series gets stuck underground in one episode - and she didn't have to act scared.She says, "It was awful. It was really tough because my character was supposed to be freaked out but I had to get myself really calm in order to even get myself to go in."We were literally in a room the size of a small bathroom with 25 crew members for 14 hours. And I'm supposed to be really, really scared and so I'd done all this work trying to calm myself down, it's going to be fine, I'm in a peaceful place."And I get in there they were like, 'Now hyperventilate and pretend you don't like small spaces' and I said, 'I don't like small spaces.' I was freaking out for 14 hours. I was exhausted."At one point it got really bad and they had to let me out. They were nice though - they built a wall that was removable so that I could get out at any time if I freaked out."

Goo Goo Dolls to perform in a Best Buy parking lot.

Elmo is rumored to be joining the band for a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper".............
Star Pulse:
In an exciting promotion for their forthcoming release The Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 -- The Singles, the Goo Goo Dolls, one of the great American rock and roll bands of our generation, will perform a free 30-minute concert on Thursday, November 15th at 7:00pm for customers who purchase their copy of the album from consumer electronics retailer Best Buy on the street date of Tuesday, November 13th.
Beginning that day when The Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 -- The Singles is released by Warner Bros. Records, fans will be directed by the band's website ( and MySpace page ( to 20 participating Best Buy locations in Southern California to purchase their copy. The first several hundred people who buy the album will receive one wristband allowing them entry into a special performance in the parking lot atop the Best Buy location at 11301 W. Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles. All wristbands will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan walk away from each other.

People have always said that Dominic was lucky to have such a great looking girlfriend. After reading countless Evangeline Lilly interviews, I have concluded that Dom is better off without her. She seems miserable 24 hours a day......
"Lost" stars Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan have reportedly split.
The British-born actor - whose rock star character Charlie Pace was killed off in the hit TV show - was seen crying in the arms of another woman at a Los Angeles restaurant on Saturday night.
Onlookers at the El Coyote eatery also claim the pair spent a lot of time kissing and cuddling.
A source told the New York Post newspaper, "They were right in the middle of the room, they weren't interested in privacy. They looked very intimate. They were nursing margaritas, leaning in, chain-smoking, having an intense conversation."

Keira Knightley says she doesn't like being raped by sugar in an expletive filled interview.

Nuts is spelled K E I R A.........
Keira Knightley has some issues, and while we applaud her for not being a typical airhead bimbo actress, we are concerned about her anger problems and general moodiness. She’s not a girl you want to mess with.
Speaking to the upcoming issue of Elle magazine, she had some grievances to get off her chest. This is what she had to say:
On the tabloids:“What I hate is that they shove in your face: this is what you want to be. And you think, f**k that. I don’t want it. Stop telling me I want to look like her. Stop telling me I want that life. I don’t.”
On being moody:“I’m a moody b*stard. Actually, I’ve been banned from reading newspapers because the way they’re written angers me so much. If I want an opinion, I’ll read the opinion part of the newspaper. I do not want it when I’m trying to get the facts. I get incredibly angry. It really f**ks me off. See, I have to calm down about it.”
On her sex scene in Atonement:“There was no knob-touching, for real. But it certainly looked like that.”
On the word cute:“I hate cute, I’ve always hated cutesy. My mum used to ban the word cute. Absolutely banned.”
On romantic comedies:“I’m a total romantic- I love romantic films. But I don’t like being raped by sugar.”
On cell phones:“I hate them. It rings, and then I realize that I don’t want to talk to anyone. So I always press ignore.”
On becoming aware of her sexual powers:“Oh, my god. I don’t think I’m aware of it now! No… I’m lying. I don’t know why I said that. No, I’m not lying, actually. I’ll just have an argument with myself!”
Is it just us or does Miss Knightley need anger management classes, pronto?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Benicio del Torro announces he is not gay and not a drug addict to a stunned group of gay men.

The most important question is how the heck did they understand this guy? He always seems to be speaking some martian language....
Page 6:
BENICIO del Toro made an unexpected appearance Friday at the Gay Men's Health Crisis Center, on West 24th Street, during a meeting for methamphetamine addicts. According to our source, Del Toro, who starred in "Traffic," among other movies, stood up to address the crowd and said, "Hi, my name is Benicio. I am not an addict, and I am not gay. I am here to support my friend." Our insider continued, "Benicio is a sponsor to a guy who looks a little bit like Patricia Arquette. They met when Benicio was doing research for his druggie role in 'Things We Lost in the Fire' and kept in touch. Benicio is now his sponsor. But it's weird because usually sponsors are people who have been through the 12 steps and can coach you through them, not some guy who's just famous. But I guess it's sweet." A rep for Del Toro didn't return calls for comment.

Violet Affleck is smarter than you are.

Sigh. Jennifer Garner is adorable and just got named Glamour's woman of the year. The kid is cute and a blooming genius. Daddy Ben Affleck directed one heck of a movie "Gone Baby Gone". Do you think they'd consider adopting a disturbed, but kind blogger?.....
Need more proof that Violet Affleck is perhaps Hollywood's most adorable celeb spawn?
Garner’s former Alias costar Victor Garber told that Ben and Jen’s little darling — who turns 2 next month — is now singing the Disney classic "When You Wish Upon Star."
And that’s not all!
"Violet is the most verbal child. She’s not even 2, and her vocabulary is daunting," he said at Glamour’s 2007 Women of the Year honors in NYC Monday night. "She can talk about animals, giraffes, and she mentions where she’s been."
"Honestly, that child is so inquisitive and so full of life — it’s all Jennifer and Ben!" Garber said. "I have to say, he’s an amazing dad and together, she’s a very fortunate little girl to be in that family!"
Motherhood has also changed Garner, 35, who was honored as Glamour’s Woman of the Year at Monday night’s fete.
Said Garber: "I think she’s become more comfortable in her life, who she is and what her priorities are."

Links that keep on running.

Journey is rumored to be the headline act for Festival de Viña del Mar at Quinta Vergara Arena in Chile, on February 21, 2008. Still no official word on the band's new vocalist at the Official Journey website

Is this really Briney Spears? 7 Confessions

Britney's kids make new friends. Britney Spears Blackout
Hayden Panettiere works out. Celeb Pictures

Nicollette Sheridan is "fork'n" hungry! Celebrity Puke

Who is hotter, Mandy Moore or Jessica Simpson? Celebrity Smack
Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey are still together. Celebslam

Diddy and Paris Hilton give "advice". Holy Candy
Louise Glover can pump that iron. NewsToob

Gisele wants you to show her the pesos. Notorious News
Katie Holmes new film is under lock and key. Popbytes

Jessica Simpson almost falls. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Lucy Liu's "Cashmere Mafia's" schedule change. Televisionista

Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend says he's not K-Fed. The Star Blogger

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