Saturday, September 08, 2007

Britney Spears' panic attack puts MTV performance in jeopardy!

My "quiet but deadly" insider tells me that not surprisingly, there's some trouble in the Britney Spears camp. Going against what MTV has reported, there seems to be more tears and fears in the Britney Spears MTV rehearsals than magic. Screams, tears and threats of not performing were pouring out of Brit's dressing room. Oh the drama!.....

Zac Efron is a mama's boy.

The teenage girls will love him even more....
Zac Efron has revealed he’s very much a mummy’s boy whenever he has time off work.
When he has a couple or more days off in a row, the High School Musical star returns to his hometown of San Luis Obispo, three hours north of Los Angeles, to see his mum Starla.
He explained recently: “I have a boot full of laundry and I go and sleep in my old bunk bed.”
“You just don’t realise how amazing it is to wake up to a hot breakfast made by your mum until it’s gone.”
Even though Zac has been acting since he was 11, he credits his mum and dad David for keeping him grounded in reality: “I had a protected childhood. I was lucky.”

I'm taking notes.

Hey Geno's World reader!! How did you learn about Geno's World?

Genesis may record new album & never release it.

Genesis is back on the road! Phil, Mike And Tony are doing the whole "press thing" & talking to the media around the globe. For this interview, Phil Collins sounds more chipper and pleasant than past interviews....
Star Pulse:
After the tour ends in Los Angeles in October, the group's members have no plans to record an album or go out on the road again. They say they need neither the money nor the aggravation of getting back into the cycle of constant recording and touring.
''We'll just do this, do the North American leg and just see how we feel,'' said Rutherford. ''I think it's quite nice not making an all-encompassing master plan.''
It is possible, Collins said, that the three could go into the studio, create a new Genesis album just for the creative satisfaction of it all and then never release it.

Keira Knightly says no to the marriage question.

You gotta love Keira! She gives the best quotes....
Keira Knightley has denied suggestions she's ready to wed - as she's married too many times on the big screen.
The Atonement star has bought a house in London with her Pride And Prejudice co-star Rupert Friend, but has talked down rumuors of impending nuptials.
She tells The Sun, "I don’t want to get married in the foreseeable future.
"I’ve been married five times in films, had three children and countless proposals. So I think that’s about enough really."
She adds, "Also I don’t know how I’d top the wedding I had in Love Actually because it was pretty impressive.”

MTV exclusive behind the scenes of Britnet Spears lip sync rehearsal.

I can't blame MTV for pushing the heck out of Britney Spears' "Comeback" performance this Sunday. But let's get real for a moment. Britney isn't going to sing live. She'll be putting on a karaoke show with a bunch of back up dancrs. Any real performer would have the guts to sing live.
With each run-through, a choreographer gives Britney more steps to weave in as she gets more comfortable with the routine — and as she gets more comfortable, that white tank top edges up to expose even more midriff. Her dancers get more suggestive, pulling and pushing and dragging each other across the stage. But Britney remains dominant, treating one like a boy toy, stepping over him, and tossing him aside when she's done with him. That part's easy — a move that takes a little longer to learn is to fall into a column of her dancers, who push her back standing up, like one of those trust exercises you do at camp.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Helena Christensen is dying her hair green.

I wonder if Al Gore will follow her example?....
Helena Christensen is dying her hair green to save the planet. The 38-year-old supermodel, who is working with Toni and Guy on a new range of hair products Model.Me, hopes by "going green" people will take notice of her eco-friendly lifestyle.
Helena is quoted as saying: "When I was 29 I dyed my hair green and I loved it. I've got to shoot a cosmetics campaign next week but after that I would like to try doing it again. It could even be an environmental thing. I can see the headlines now, they would all say 'Helena's Gone Green.'"

Doctor Who's Billie Piper says she's been intrigued by swingers' parties.

Oh Billie, Billie, Billie! Sometimes you have to know when to keep things to yourself!
Daily Mail:
Billie Piper's raunchy new role as a high-class prostitute in new drama 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' has prompted her to confess a few secrets of her own.
The former Doctor Who actress, whose latest role sees her play prostitute Belle du Jour confessed: "I've always been intrigued about swingers' parties."
Dressed to thrill in a skimpy black silk camisole, pencil skirt and stockings, Billie underwent a remarkable makeover to play the call girl, wearing a succession of revealing costumes.

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Passions signs off NBC. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Britney Spears' promo video & photo for the MTV VMA. The Star Blogger

For the love of all that it good and holy, please stop sending me nude Rosie O'Donnell pictures!

I love tips and pics from Geno's World readers. But one of you (You know who you are!!!) keeps sending me nude Rosie O'Donnell photos. Oh God!! Please stop. I beg you!

If you have any non-Rosie tips or pics e-mail me at

Get the gossip on "Gossip Girl".

Televisionista has clips from the hot new CW show "Gossip Girl". I love the outfits....

Michael Anthony reveals all.

Rolling Stone has a great interview with former Van Halen member Michael Anthony. Anthony comes off as a good guy.....
"You’re putting all the dirt in this one, huh? I gave up a lot to do [the last Van Halen] tour, as far as my percentage of what everyone was being paid. I did have to sign something at the end of the tour, that I was relinquishing any rights or claims that I had to anything that had to do with Van Halen. The reason I did the tour was: I didn’t need the money, but I kind of figured if it was the last time Van Halen ever went out, I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t go out onstage one last time for the fans. So I kind of sucked it up a bit."

Natalie Imbruglia is desperate to act.

It seems that she's close to pulling an Alyssa Milano and going topless for roles to get attention....
Star Pulse:
Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia is desperate to prove herself as an actress - and is begging filmmakers to take a chance on her. After leaving Australian soap opera Neighbours in 1994, Imbruglia, 32, has neglected film and television work, opting instead to pursue a career in the music industry.
She impressed with a role in 2003 movie Johnny English - and is keen to land more acting roles.
She says, "I've yet to prove myself as an actress. I've only made one movie in 10 years. We'll see. I'm very passionate about wanting to do it, but I haven't had enough time."

The nude picture of Vanessa Hudgens is authentic.

I'll be honest. I'm surprised about the confirmation. Here's the latest buzz:

In a statement to TMZ, Hudgens' rep says, "This was a photo which was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public." The National Enquirer was the first to report of the photo's existence, and it has since surfaced on various blogs across the net.

Allie Is Wired:
In light of her scandalous nude photo recently posted on the internet, Walt Disney has parted ways with Vanessa Hudgens and has even already replaced her part in ‘High School Musical 3‘. “Due to the recent scandal of “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens’ naked photo scandal, Execs at Disney have parted ways with the star and have decided to replace her with “Cheetah Girls” star Adrienne Bailon."

Don't Link This:
Here’s some more pics of Vanessa in what I’ve got to assume is her own bedroom.

Rihanna wants to tour with....Amy Winehouse????

Oh no she didn't!!.....
R&B sensation Rihanna wants Amy Winehouse to rid herself of drugs and alcohol so the pair can tour the U.S together.
Winehouse – who has been taking time out from her career after her much publicised drugs over dose on August 8 – looked fragile during her musical comeback at the Mercury Music Prize awards on Tuesday.
But the Umbrella star believes that all is but lost for the gifted soul singer. "I'm worried about Amy” said the 19-year-old “I want her to get better as I love her.
"There's not a doubt in my mind she can still be successful in America even though she's been linked to drugs.
"It'd be awesome to go on tour with her in the States. I'd love her to join me."

Jessica and Eric kiss their dreams of a win goodbye.

Eric and Jessica were both voted out on last night's live "Big Brother". They put their trust in a guy nicknamed "Evil" and his daughter. Not a good move.... They can now look forward to continuing their romance in the jury house....CBS

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wyclef tells Lauryn Hill to see a shrink.

I feel the love. Don't you?......
It’s safe to say that the Fugees will never reform, especially after the harsh words Wyclef Jean has said about former band mate Lauryn Hill.
Since the release of their best-selling album, The Score, 11 years ago, the pair, along with third member Pras, have not been in the studio as a band.
The reason for this has been cited as Lauryn’s erratic behaviour and demands.Speaking to MTV News, Wyclef says: "Lauryn Hill, Mrs Hill, The Hill - Should go see a psychiatrist - period - Just seek help.”
He adds: “At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.”

Neurosonic unleashes their fury on Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Check out Neurosonic's MySpace page to take a look at their video for "So Many People". Anyone who rolls their eyes a bit at Ashlee, Paris or Lindsay will love it!

Have the Vanessa Hudgens nude pics started to surface?

Don't Link This has posted a nude pic that may or may not be Vanessa Hudgens. Judge for yourself. Picture is NSFW.

Is that you Hayden Panettiere?

Our friends at Fashion magazine have a great collection of Hayden Panettiere photos from Geniux magazine.

Links that have a fear of a blank planet.

Demand Porcupine Tree to visit your city! Porcupine Tree
Yo' Paule! Burt Young is still going strong. Celebrity Puke
"I Love New York 2" debuts next month!! Celebrity Smack
Rachel Ray need a better bra. Celebslam
Hollywood Hookups. Dotspotter
Jessica Simpson likes balconies....alone. Holy Candy
I want Kelly Ripa on my football team! NewsToob
Get to know Emmanuel Vaugier and her bikini. Popoholic
Find great gossip at Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Get a preview of Gioia's hot new track!

Visit YouTube to take a look at Gioia performing "Your Love Is Lifting me Higher" along with DJ Tony Moran at the Black Party this past weekend. Gioia is filming a video for the song as we speak. Keep an eye on her MySpace page for updates!

Another plea for a date with Mandy Moore.

Mandy? It's me Geno. I've washed my Ford and I'm ready to take you out for Burgers when your in Boston on September 16. How can refuse a ride in a Ford and burgers!! e-mail me at

Gwen Stefani brings critics to their feet at fashion show.

Giving Gwen Stefani a standing ovation should be mandatory at all events!
Star Pulse:
Pop star Gwen Stefani wowed critics at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, with her L.A.M.B. clothing collection receiving a standing ovation from rapper Eve, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and actress Sophia Bush.
The Sweet Escape singer and her stylist Andrea Lieberman won over fashion insiders on the opening day of the annual event with their mix of retro and modern designs, with a few outfits also showcasing Stefani's love of costumes.
Stefani also showed off a very special pair of yellow, green and black platform shoes named 'the Kingston' after her one-year-old son - who was cheering her on from the front row with husband Gavin Rossdale.

Lacey Chabert reportedly seen at a plastic surgeon's office.

I received an e-mail recently from a person who swears up and down that they saw the gorgeous "Party of Five" and "Mean Girls" star Lacey Chabert at a plastic surgeon's office. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Lacey is perfect just the way she is. I hope she was just with a friend.......
Got any celebrity tips??? e-mail Geno at

Critics rave about "Dirty Sexy Money".

Televisionista has the scoop on one of the hottest new shows of the season.

Charlotte Church wants to have her man get a "He's taken" tattoo.

I believe a "My girlfriend is nuts" tattoo would be more appropriate....
Charlotte Church has reportedly told boyfriend Gavin Henson that he should have a tattoo inked on his wrist to ward off other women.
According to the People newspaper, Charlotte has asked him to have her name and the phrase “he’s taken” tattooed onto his forearm to help prevent repeats of the recent rumours linking him to a random girl in a nightclub.
A close source told the newspaper: “Charlotte knows Gavin’s a good-looking fella and he is often away for matches.”
“The couple are getting really serious and especially with a baby on the way Charlotte wants to make sure that the world knows they are together.”
“By putting a tattoo on his wrist she is hoping girls will get the message and stop bugging him. She is terrified he could stray.”
The couple are expecting their first child together later this month

Elton John and Madonna bury the hatchet.

These are two people that I would not want to be stuck in an elevator with. However, I'll side with Elton on this one. Who the heck wants to pay hundreds of dollars to see Madonna lip sync? Elton on the other hand is a fantastic live performer...
Entertainment Wise:
Having had a bitter bust-up three years ago when Elton John accused Madonna of miming when she tours, it seems that the two Queens have buried the hatchet and are friends again.
Both made an appearance at the GQ Awards in London, and they looked as though they had forgotten their past difference – Madonna retaliated to the mime accusations by returning a Christmas card he has sent.
Speaking to the Sun, Elton said: “I did offer a grovelling apology and even offered to join the Kabbalah. Madonna is a great inspiration to all of us.”
He added: “Every record moved on and she steps up to the mark every time.” If only Elton could reinvent himself like she does.
After sharing an embrace on stage, Elton took to taking one last dig at the Queen of Pop though as she exited: “I’ll be dead of uranium poisoning in three days.”

Jenna Fischer is available.

This hasn't been an easy year for "Office" cutie Jenna Fischer. She breaks her back & splits from her husband. Ouch....
Jenna Fischer and her writer/director husband, James Gunn, have separated after more than six years of marriage, the couple tell PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. "We have chosen to separate. We are sorry for any pain this causes family and friends," says the statement. "The enthusiasm we have expressed for each other's lives, spirits and careers is real – we have been each other's cheerleader and friend during the past six years and continue to be so now and in the future."

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Charlize Theron has legs. And she knows how to use them.

Parade magazine online has a great group of Charlize Theron photos. God love her....

Gioia films smoking hot new video this week!

Gioia Bruno of Exposé has begun filming her new sexy music video for her upcoming solo release of "Your Love is Lifting Me Higher" produced by Josh Harris in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Filmmaker Ramiro Hernandez of Fandango Films is directing the edgy concept video. Shooting began on Sunday night and will continue through September 12th. The video also stars celebrity DJ Tracy Young, who is also on board to remix the hot track, plus model/actor Scott Jenkins and fashion designer Jimmy Starr in a cameo role. Harlequin Records will be releasing "Your Love is Lifting Me Higher" nationwide in early October. Remixers on board include: Tracy Young, Almighty, Klubjumpers, DJ Dean Chronic with Dozia and DJ Dena Cucci.
What: Press are invited to attend a video shoot this Thursday. Gioia will give a live performance and also be shooting scenes with various cast members. Interviews will be arranged.
When: Thursday, September 6 at 8:00pm
Where: Voodoo Lounge
111 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-522-0733

Renewed hope for a "Giles" spinoff show.

TV With MeeVee has all you need to know about the possibility of a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" spinoff.....and donkeys.

Steve Perry says don't stop believing in a "Sopranos" movie.

Ireland's Ray Foley spoke to Steve Perry yesterday on his radio show. The interview is friendly and fun. Steve doesn't offer any news about his upcoming music plans. He does reveal that he doesn't speak much with his former Journey bandmates. One interesting highlight is Steve speaking about his belief that there will be a "Sopranos" movie with Deniro or Joe Pesci added to the cast. You can hear the entire interview at Ray's site.

Housekeeper to sue Leona Helmsley's dog.

This gives a whole new meaning to "And your little dog too!"....
A pet dog left £6 million by the late billionaire Leona Helmsley may have to fight for her inheritance after a former housekeeper said she planned to sue the fluffy white heiress for biting her. Trouble, an eight-year-old Maltese who was Mrs Helmsley's constant companion before her death last month, came out better than nearly all of the billionaire's family in her will.
Money, however, does not always bring happiness, even in New York, and storm clouds are already gathering over Trouble's future.
Not only may Trouble need a lawyer, but she may also need a new owner after it was reported yesterday that Mrs Helmsley's brother, Alvin Rosenthal, to whom the dog was left, does not want her.
Zamfira Sfara, a former housekeeper at Mrs Helmsley's Manhattan home, has previously tried unsuccessfully to sue the hotel and property billionaire, a convicted tax evader and the so-called Queen of Mean, over a bite inflicted by Trouble.

Brad Pitt is obviously over the hill.

Brad Pitt speaks out in Details magazine. (The photo on the cover shows just how much he's aged......I kid....I kid.......)
USA Today:
•"When you turn 40, all of that pressure (to take on the blockbuster role) evaporates. And then you become a father and then … forget about it. It's not an issue. I'm at a point where I feel like I understand what I'm doing. … As I've gotten older, I've realized the most important thing on a project is the people I'm working with. That's what I remember most about the films I've done." (V)
•"Your face kind of goes. Your body's not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart." (Details)

Links that never say "Never again".

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Tori Amos sings about Lindsay Lohan. Agent Bedhead
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American Idol is fading? celebitchy
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Kate Hudson isn't allowed near Owen Wilson. Celebrity Cowboy
Britney's Bodyguard is charged. Celebrity Dirty Laundry
Paris Hilton babies her car. Celebrity Puke
Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher on set. Celebrity Smack
Amy Winehouse performs. Celeb Warship
Jennifer Hawkins makes me feel funny. Celebslam
Matt Dillon's nose job. City Rag
Jude Law arrested!! dlisted
Britney is back...bitch. Dotspotter
Paris Hilton flashes us again... Fashion Magazine
Mariah Carey's cleavage at Diddy's party. Hollywood Tuna
Celebrity redemption quick fixes. Holy Candy
Kelly Brook is really happy. I Don't Like You In That Way
Heath Ledger is all smiles. It's All Good...Gossip!
Charlize Theron is lovely! Janet Charlton's Hollywood
Scientology goes to court? NewsToob
Lily Allen in a see through Red Gown. Seriously? OMG! WTF
Brit & K-Fed's custody case was much adieu about....The Star Blogger

Season 4 "Grey's Anatomy" pictures.

To get you hot with anticipation for the new season of "Grey's Anatomy", Televisionista has a bunch of great promotional shots!

Mariah Carey wears ballgown to the recording studio.

I always wear a tux to bed. I'm crazy like that.....
Star Pulse:
Mariah Carey lived up to her diva tag when she joined Black Eyed Peas star in the studio recently - she wore a ball gown. But the hip-hop super producer insists that Carey wasn't trying the make a statement - she just couldn't be bothered to change.
The My Humps hitmaker explains, "Mariah was cool. She came into the studio wearing a big ball gown. She was like, `I'm so sorry! I know everybody thinks I'm a diva, but I'm wearing this because I've just come from a party and I didn't want to go home and change.' She's a real diva in her own right, but she is real cool."

Heather Graham is the next Eddie Van Halen.

I volunteer to be her first rock groupie.....
Heather Graham became a guitar-playing rock chick for her latest movie.
The 'Boogie Nights' actress sings and plays a six-string on 'The Hanging Tree', a song which features in her upcoming film 'Broken.' The 37-year-old actress learnt to play the guitar for her role as aspiring musician Hope, who moves to Hollywood in search of success but ends up working the overnight shift at a diner.
Graham also stars in the video for the track, showing off her new guitar skills. 'Broken' sees Graham perform 'The Hanging Tree', which was written by actor Keram Malicki-Sanchez, live to camera.

Diddy seen buying drugs on video.

It's hard to deny something when you're videotaped doing it. But Diddy does his best....(Click on link for video)
P Diddy has denied allegations that an internet video shows him buying drugs in a club in Ibiza.
The footage – which has appeared on video sharing site youTube – shows the rapper talking to a blonde haired man at the Island’s DC 10 nightclub.
Comments have since appeared claiming that the rapper can be seen buying drugs in the footage, reports the Sun.
The rapper’s lawyer has strenuously denied the allegations, however, insisting that P Diddy is doing nothing wrong.
He said in a statement: “Any suggestion he is buying drugs would be patently false. He does not use drugs"

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A true Star!

Visit Geno's World's new friends at The Star Blogger . Tell 'em Geno sent ya!

Sarah Shahi dresses down for new role.

Geno's World fave Sarah Shahi is returning to Prime time! I still weep that her "Carmen" character is gone from "The L Word".... In any case, Sarah is playing a tough cop for NBC's "Life". The only bummer is that Sarah is hiding her beauty under the tough exterior of her character.....NBC

ABC news idiots laugh at Owen Wilson suicide attempt.

Ummm. Do they realize that they are on National TV? It's aired in the wee hours, but....HELLO!!!
Taina Hernandez and Ryan Owens of ABC's World News Now gave new meaning to the word tasteless when they laughed their way through a report on Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt.After stifling giggles throughout the story, Ryan explains that they were laughing because Owen's uncle's last name is “Hoe” and "it struck us as funny."

Kate Moss has a new rocker beau.

Kate Moss' new man is Jamie Hince from the rock group "The Kills". He's the man on the right in the photo. The Daily Mail has the scoop....

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