Jordin Sparks signs with Jive records.

Pussycat Doll is single and has no time for love.

Batman movie countdown continues.

Jessica Simpson breaks her nose with a gun, not her breasts.

Vanessa Minnillo nude pictures surface.

Scarlett Johansson is close to signing on for "The Spirit".

Links that are the spirit of radio.

Will Randy Moss catch more passes in video games than on the field this year?

Matt Damon tells George Clooney to "suck it, sexy boy".

Dustin shown the door in Big Brother shocker.

Cover your ears. Carmen Electra has a new CD ready.

The Boss is back with his friends....

Brad Pitt tips security guard $300.

Links still hoping for a complete Genesis reunion.

I hate ABC.

EXCLUSIVE: Van Halen to appear at MTV music awards.

Gwen Stefani wants another child ASAP.

Brad Pitt says adoption reports are false.

Law & Order SVU Actor charged with having child porn.

Halle Berry is says the National Enquirer. They wouldn't lie, would they?

Kiefer Sutherland skips "Lost Boys" sequel.

I've got Jennifer Lopez's back.

Jose Offerman charged with assault after charging pitcher with a bat.

Links that are motoring.

Jamie Pressly denies being a body double.

Mandy Moore keeps drinking to a minimum.

New Britney Spears lesbian love revealed.

Orlando Bloom is named #1 bachelor in England.

Somebody save Evan Rachel Wood!

Links that can't drive 55.

Is Paul McCartney Christie Brinkley's new Piano Man??

Elisha Cuthbert will call Tim Allen "Daddy".

Ben Kingsley makes out with Mary Kate Olsen.

Dr. Who cutie Billie Piper takes sex lessons from dominatrix.

Go Bonnie!

This guy has a fan club. Why don't I?

Take a bite out of Dotspotter.

New James Bond film is attacked by animal rights groups.

Laura Dern will get chased by T-Rex again.

Links that enjoy the finer things.

Katie Holmes takes control of Tom Cruise's wardrobe.

Jessica Simpson asked Daddy for a Mexican orphan for her 16th birthday.

Prince William to propose to Kate Middleton?

Keira Knightly pushes Chanel.

Friends movie buzz.