Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jordin Sparks signs with Jive records.

Britney, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake and Justin Sparks all have something in common now. They'll all artists on the Jive label. Good for Jordin!
The youngest American Idol winner has set another show milestone, as the first champ to sign with the label of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and the Backstreet Boys -- Jive Records.
17-year-old Jordin Sparks began the year as a regular high schooler in Glendale, Arizona. Today, she tells fans via a statement, “American Idol has truly been a life altering experience. [This] is hopefully the beginning of another dream opportunity for me to deliver the kind of meaningful music I love. I can’t wait to share this next chapter of my story with all the fans that have supported me so far.”

Pussycat Doll is single and has no time for love.

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls has broken up with her boyfriend. Before any of you get some fantasies about becoming Mr. Pussycat Doll, Nicole is saying she doesn't have time for any loving....
Star Pulse:
Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger has ditched her toyboy lover, Talan Torriero, because she hasn't got time for romance. The sexy Don't Cha singer, 29, and Laguna Beach star Torriero, 20, have been an item since the reality TV star split from former fiancee Kimberly Stewart last year.
But Scherzinger has ended the romance because she's too focused on her pop career - as she prepares for the release of her first solo album Her Name Is Nicole in October.
She confirms the split in German magazine Yam, stating, "We're not together anymore. I'm totally focused on my career at the moment and I have to make sacrifices. I had to realize there's no time for love at the moment."

Batman movie countdown continues.

Our friends at Daily Stab have new pics from the upcoming "Dark Knight" movie. It's about a year away & the buzz is already intense!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jessica Simpson breaks her nose with a gun, not her breasts.

This isn't the first time Jess has had her nose broken....cough...plastic surgery....cough....
Digital Spy:
Jessica Simpson has broken her nose after she accidentally hit herself in the face with a gun while shooting scenes for her new movie Major Movie Star.The singer-turned-actress stars as an American Hollywood actress who decides to join the army in the film.Simpson explained: "I was running with a gun over my head and fell over and broke my nose, it really hurt!"The star has previously cited her nose as her favourite feature, saying: "There are a lot of girls with a similar body to mine, but my nose is special and unique to me."

Vanessa Minnillo nude pictures surface.

You knew it was coming. Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey were photographed having sex in a hot tub. OK magazine paid a hefty sum to assure that the photos were never published.....Well, Vanessa can now be seen in all her glory at our friend's Notorious News.
I'm sure this is just the beginning.....

Scarlett Johansson is close to signing on for "The Spirit".

I love comic books. I love Scarlett Johansson. The two will go great together in the future movie adaption of "The Spirit"....
Slash Film:
Johansson will play a dangerous beauty named Silk N. Floss, a character that THR describes as “a sexy and intelligent secretary with a vindictive instinct that makes her the perfect accomplice to the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), an evil mastermind.” It appears that the character was created for the film adaptation and will probably be a combination of characters from the comic series.

Links that are the spirit of radio.

Rush's new CD is out. Rush
Mena Suvari is bald in a bikini. celebitchy
Big names at Louis Carreon's Art show. Celebrity Puke
Jerry Springer has a new show. Celebrity Smack
The weekend guide. Dotspotter
3 days to go for Hayden Panettiere. Hayden's Countdown
Teri Hatcher gets airbrushed and edited. Holy Candy
Celebrity catwalk for charity. IDLYITW
Lisa Kudrow sans makeup. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Uncle Kracker is a pervert. Yeeah!
Jason Giambi get a pass from Bud. ESPN
Fred Thompson has no policies. MSNBC

Will Randy Moss catch more passes in video games than on the field this year?

The Patriots signed seemingly 125 quality wide receivers over the off season. This makes the fact that Randy Moss isn't fully practicing easier to take. Randy is doing just what his critics said he would do. And the season hasn't started yet........

Matt Damon tells George Clooney to "suck it, sexy boy".

I came up with 12 different funny things to say, but I think I'll pass & just report the story...
Matt Damon told George Clooney to "suck it, sexy boy" when he was named most bankable star by Forbes.
The 36-year-old actor immediately contacted his 'Ocean's Thirteen' co-star - who has twice been named People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive - to boast that he had finally trumped him in a poll.
When asked if he had reveled in his 'victory', Matt - who has made a fortune playing former CIA assassin Jason Bourne in the 'Bourne' trilogy - told BANG Showbiz: "Oh yeah! The email that went out to George said, 'Suck it, sexy boy!' and I attached the article."
"And he wrote back, 'Yeah, that's great, I had that read to me by one of my servants at my villa!'"

Dustin shown the door in Big Brother shocker.

"Mr. Masculine" Dustin was booted from the Big Brother house last night. Dick survived the vote, even after attacking every housemate with racial, religious and personal attacks. Dustin hasn't been 100% clean himself after revealing that he calls his dog the N word. What a couple of tools....

Cover your ears. Carmen Electra has a new CD ready.

I know the headline is mean, but after hearing a couple of tracks from her first CD, I had no choice. The good news is that her new release may be an improvement....
Page 6:
HER first self-titled album bombed, but Carmen Electra still has music in her heart. She's been secretly working on a new album in between modeling gigs, and it's just about ready. On Sunday, Electra showed up to the Diesel BBQ party at the Polaroid House in Malibu and, after several cocktails, finally worked up the nerve to slip the DJ the disc, which he dutifully played. We hear it didn't suck - at least not too bad.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Boss is back with his friends....

Great news for Springsteen fans! Bruce has a new release coming out with his full E Street band. Why wasn't I invited to the recording sessions? I play a mean keyboard....
Star Pulse:
Bruce Springsteen is back with the E Street Band - and a bit of ''Magic.'' The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer returns Oct. 2 with a new album, titled ''Magic,'' his first collaboration with his longtime New Jersey mates since the Sept. 11-inspired ''The Rising'' in 2002, Springsteen announced through his publicist Thursday.

Brad Pitt tips security guard $300.

It's good to hear good tales like this....
Add Brad Pitt to the list of Hollywood’s most generous tippers!
The Babel star made sure to show his appreciation to a security guard on August 11 at 5:45 p.m., when the whole Jolie-Pitt clan headed to Chicago's Field Museum and were treated to a one-hour VIP tour (the museum closes at 5 p.m. but stayed open for its special visitors).
“They were a nice couple,” says one museum guard, who was tipped $300 by Pitt for looking after the family during their visit.

Links still hoping for a complete Genesis reunion.

Genesis is on tour. Genesis
Is Jennifer Love Hewitt getting married? celebitchy
Kim Kardashian almost meets LonelyGirl15. Celebrity Puke
Must see videos: Sex, Cars & Aliens. Dotspotter
4 days to go for Hayden Panettiere. Hayden's Countdown
Oprah and Stedman are breaking up? Popbytes
Ivanka Trump in Stuff. NewsToob
Eva Green pushes Poison. Right Celebrity
Becks scores! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Heidi Klum sells Jordache. The Bastardly
Britney Spears and Chris Angel? We Love Celebs!
The best automatic dirt digger site! We Smirch
Mitt Romney is still lying. Mitt Romney Is The Devil
John McCain gets death threats. KPHO

I hate ABC.

ABC resurrected the fantastic "The Nine" program to burn off the remaining 6 episodes. Two weeks later, they've pulled the top notch drama AGAIN! They've done the same sadistic thing to the program "Knights of Prosperity". God, I hate them........

EXCLUSIVE: Van Halen to appear at MTV music awards.

Don't tell anyone, but Geno's World has discovered that the newly reformed Van Halen will be making a "surprise" appearance at the MTV music awards on September 9. Initial plans are for the band to perform a medley of classic VH tunes. But the band may just present an award. Everyone remembers the last time the reformed Van Halen with David Lee Roth appeared at the MTV awards in 1996. This appearance may turn out to be better.....

Gwen Stefani wants another child ASAP.

Gwen Stefani's life is full. Being a mother, wife, solo star & No-doubt singer is a lot to handle. But Gweny Gwen Gwen can't wait to add to her family....
"Obviously I'm in a race to have another, but I don't want to do it while on tour," the singer, 37, tells InStyle for its September issue (on sale Friday). "But I can't wait to get pregnant again. It's so fun and consuming and romantic."

Brad Pitt says adoption reports are false.

I wonder if they would consider adopting me?......
Star Pulse:
Pitt's spokeswoman Cindy Guagenti has told website reports Jolie and Pitt will return to Ethiopia in November to seek another sibling for their expanding brood are false.

Law & Order SVU Actor charged with having child porn.

Albert Insinnia was charged with having 180 child porn images on his laptop. Insinnia brought the laptop to Best Buy to be repaired & the images were discovered by a technician. Insinnia's TV credits include "Mash" and "Law & Order SVU". Insinnia also appeared in Trolls: The musical. He's the guy on the far left in the picture. If only we saw the signs.......
An actor who once played a lieutenant on NBC's "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" has been charged with possession of child pornography, authorities said Tuesday.
Albert Insinnia, 57, of Bloomfield, turned himself into the Passaic County Sheriff's Department in Wayne on Monday and was released on bail Tuesday morning, said sheriff's spokesman Bill Maer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Halle Berry is says the National Enquirer. They wouldn't lie, would they?

It's gotta be true. I have next February in my Halle Berry baby office pool.....
Star Pulse:
Halle Berry's dream has reportedly come true: the actress recently learned she's two months pregnant, sources tell The National Enquirer. But Halle's baby joy has been tempered by her fears that her diabetes could turn the happiest event of her life into a difficult pregnancy.

Kiefer Sutherland skips "Lost Boys" sequel.

The "Lost Boys" movie airs on a cable station somewhere every 5 minutes. The popular vampire flick from 20 years ago is finally spawning a sequel. Not surprisingly, Kiefer Sutherland is skipping this straight to DVD gem.....
With Kiefer too busy washing his hair or counting his rice or something equally pressing, Empire Online reports that the role has fallen to… Angus Sutherland, Kiefer’s half brother.
Better news for fans of the original. While Jason Patric is unlikely to reprise his role, the Coreys are, reportedly, back!
Yes indeed, Corey Haim is lined up to play Sam, and Corey Feldman is also back - alongside Jamison Newlander - as the vampire-hunting, comic-book obsessives, the Frog Brothers.
The magazine reports that the film is currently called The Lost Boys - The Tribe and will see vampires terrorising a seaside town. Hmm. Sounds familiar…

I've got Jennifer Lopez's back.

No! It can't be! The Daily Mail is using a dreaded word when describing Jennifer Lopez on the beach......cellulite!!!! Nooooooooooooooo!....Then I took a careful look at the pictures & I don't see any cellulite at all. She looks fine. Don't worry Jlo, I got your back... I call the following tale bs........
Daily Mail:
She was the standard bearer for women with an ample derriere - and took great delight in showing it off, but it seems J-Lo's most famous asset has fallen foul of the dreaded cellulite.
Parading beachside in a skimpy animal print bikini, the actress turned singer's infamous bottom looked slightly less than its usual peachy self.

Jose Offerman charged with assault after charging pitcher with a bat.

Former major league baseball player Jose Offerman was charged with second degree assault because of an on field incident. Offerman went bananas and charged the mound with his bat after being hit by a pitch. He broke one of the pitcher's fingers and gave the catcher a concussion. The incident took place in a Atlantic field game.
Fox Sports:
Bluefish chief executive officer Mary-Jane Foster said she asked the Atlantic League to suspend Offerman from the league for life.
Ducks owner Frank Boulton, who also is the league's chief executive, said his team would abide by whatever punishment the league's executive director, Joe Klein, deems appropriate.
Klein is responsible for dealing with any discipline involving actions within a game, and was reviewing the incident, Boulton said.
"I can say that Jose's conduct in bringing the bat to the mound after being hit was wrong, there is no question about that," he said. "We're all saddened by this because Jose has had a 15-year major league career and is a true gentleman."
Offerman batted .273 during his 15 seasons in the majors. He last played in the majors in 2005 with Philadelphia and the New York Mets. He was an All-Star in 1995 with the Dodgers and in 1999 with Boston.

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Night Ranger are older, but still motoring! Night Ranger
Ozzy Osbourne is the happiest man alive. Agent Bedhead
Britney Spears does Allure. Allie is Wired
Victoria Beckham gets fat. celebitchy
Megan Fox and her bedhead. celebrific
Ashlee Simpson does 17. Celebrity Puke
George Michael starts his community service Celebrity Smack
Christina Aguilera does dinner. Celebrity Warship
Candice Swanepoel is somewhat attractive. Celebslam
Celebrity cribs. City Rag
Anne Hathaway is NOT doing "that". dlisted
The fate of Britney's babies. Dotspotter
Nicole Richie large breasts are freaking out Egotastic
Hayden Panettiere turns 18 in 5 days. Hayden's Countdown
Carmen Electra does Fergie. Hollywood Tuna
Clay Aiken brings sexyback. Holy Candy
Jessica Alba needs a better bra. Jordan is your homeboy
Paris Hilton says Lindsay Lohan is a dog. Just Jared
I'll check out "The Invasion" NewsToob
Ron Jeremy almost died. Ninja Dude
Bootz from "Flavor of Love" has a fan club. Pop on the pop
Buffy & Eva push shopping carts. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Lindsay Lohan is sued. Yeeah!

Jamie Pressly denies being a body double.

"Poison Ivy 2" was a film starring Alyssa Milano. It was filmed during a period that Alyssa was taking her clothes off in every one of her movies to make people notice her again. Jamie Pressly denies a long standing rumor that her body was used for nude flashback scenes of Drew Barrymore in the guilty pleasure flick.
Star Pulse:
She tells Playboy magazine, "Drew plays Ivy in the first Poison Ivy film, and in Poison Ivy 2 Alyssa Milano plays the art student who moves into Ivy's old room in a house with other students. She finds a diary and pictures of Drew's character in a closet. The pictures are supposed to be of Drew, but they're of me, though you never see my face. When Alyssa reads Ivy's diary - Drew's diary - she imagines her, but instead of Ivy being Drew, she's me. People say I body-doubled her and it was my boobs and my ass in the movie instead of hers, but that isn't the case. I haven't had a body double myself, but I'm not opposed to it."

Mandy Moore keeps drinking to a minimum.

It appears that Mandy Moore is indeed the good girl that she seems to be. Good for her for not getting the crazy headlines others have....
Mandy Moore has only been drunk four times.
The 23-year-old star hates being intoxicated and rarely drinks because she is scared of saying something she will regret when she is sober.
She said: "I've probably been drunk, maybe, four times in my entire life. Honestly. I guess I'm a bit of a lightweight."
"I have a better time enjoying one glass of wine and just being relaxed."
It's a bit of a control thing - I don't like not being in control of my words. I like to go to bed at 10pm, or 10.30pm, because I like to wake up at 7am."

New Britney Spears lesbian love revealed.

You gotta hand it to Britney. She's always doing something to get attention & have people talk about her. She seems to have a things for the ladies....
Daily Star:
WILD Britney Spears enjoyed a red-hot girl-on-girl session during a topless romp in a swimming pool.The out-of-control singer could not keep her hands off her former PA, Shannon Funk.And sexy Shannon, 21, gently caressed her boss’s boobs, kissed her tenderly and ran her hands all over her body.Lusty Britney ordered minders to clear the hotel pool so the pair could enjoy their X-rated lesbian love-in. But a hotel source revealed: “Even though the pool was closed, some people still saw them – and their jaws hit the floor.“Britney seemed more into this girl than she has ever been into a guy.”................
Friends also revealed that although Britney also shared a hotel pool romp with music video extra Matt Encinias she ditched him for Shannon.One said: “Matt claims he went back to hang out with Britney and hook up with her.“But it was Shannon who ended up in Brit’s room and bed!”

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Orlando Bloom is named #1 bachelor in England.

He may have England, but I have America. We look like brothers.....
Entertainment Wise:
Orlando Bloom has been named ‘Britain’s Most Eligible Bachelor,’ according to a Cosmopolitan survey.
The Lord Of The Rings hunk is the ultimate heartthrob -according to the 1,000 British women surveyed - because of his alluring charm and lovable qualities.

Somebody save Evan Rachel Wood!

When Evan Rachel Wood talks about the sex music video she made with Marilyn Manson, it's an obvious cry for help! God, I hope she's not pregnant....
"At the end of the video, we're kissing and it's raining blood – and for me, that was one of the most romantic moments of my entire life," Wood, 19, says in the September issue of GQ magazine.

Links that can't drive 55.

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Salma Hayek plans triple wedding. celebitchy
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Tales of dating, marriage and divorce. Dotspotter
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6 days to go. Hayden's Countdown
Mischa & Nicole hang in NY. Holy Candy
Hilary Duff has stuff. NewsToob
Donnie & Marie celebrate 50 years together. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Sienna Miller is dating who? Yeeah!
My woman Hillary Clinton is dominating the polls. CNN
Elizabeth Edwards speaks her mind. Today

Is Paul McCartney Christie Brinkley's new Piano Man??

These two crazy kids just might be perfect for each other....
Sir Paul McCartney may have a new lady in his sights! The legendary Beatle was spotted at a concert in the exclusive Hamptons with fellow divorcee, supermodel Christie Brinkley. McCartney owns a luxurious holiday home in the swanky Long Island resort, while Brinkley is a permanent resident there. The pair were spotted chatting together at a show by singer-songwriter James Taylor on Saturday night, sparking rumours of a romance.

Elisha Cuthbert will call Tim Allen "Daddy".

Elisha Cuthbert is going from a creepy film "Captivity" into a Tim Allen comedy. When is someone going to give her a TV series of her own?
Tim Allen and Elisha Cuthbert have signed on to star in the family comedy-drama "The Six Wives of Henry Lefay."
The story centers on a man (Allen) whose wife and five ex-wives -- ranging in age from 25 to 55 -- fight over his will when they believe he is dead. Cuthbert will play his unwed daughter. Andie MacDowell, Paz Vega, Kelli Garner and S. Epatha Merkerson are negotiating to play the eponymous spouses.
The indie film is scheduled to begin shooting next month in Connecticut. "Shrek the Third" scribe Howard Gould, who worked with Allen on "Home Improvement," will direct from his own script.

Ben Kingsley makes out with Mary Kate Olsen.

Geno's World apologizes for giving you the horrible mental image. But it's my job. The bizarre pair of 63 year old Sir Ben Kingsley and 21 year old Mary Kate Olsen have a long make out session for the new movie "Wackiness". Who do we feel worse for? Ben? Mary Kate?....
Sir Ben Kingsley enjoys a "full on make-out session" with Mary-Kate Olsen in his new movie.
The 63-year-old 'Sexy Beast' star - who plays a psychiatrist who gives a drug dealer therapy in exchange for marijuana in Jonathan Levine's new movie 'The Wackness' - has to passionately kiss the 21-year-old actress, who is young enough to be his daughter, in the steamy scene.
A source told the New York Post newspaper: "It was a full on make-out session. They locked lips for ages. It was quite cringe-worthy to watch."

Dr. Who cutie Billie Piper takes sex lessons from dominatrix.

No! Not my Billie! She's too clean cut! Noooooooo!
Billie Piper is taking sex lessons from a dominatrix.
The newly engaged stunner is swotting up for her role as a high-class hooker in new TV show, Diary Of A London Call Girl.
With the help of her leather-loving instructress, Billie is learning how to master the arts of flogging, S&M and bondage.
An ITV spokeswoman said: “They do have a dominatrix on set to advise. It's about prostitution and they want to get it right."
Billie, who dons a string of sexy outfits for the role, is playing mystery hooker Belle de Jour – who thrilled thousands across the globe with her online diary of her sexploits.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Go Bonnie!

Hell's Kitchen's season finale is tonight. Bonnie has won me over & I can't help but root for her. It has nothing to do with how adorably cute she is.......................

This guy has a fan club. Why don't I?

Lino Rulli has a fan club. And why wouldn't he? He's smart, funny and has his own radio show. But seriously, I warn my sisters to stay away from guys who look like this.....
The unofficial Lino Rulli fanclub

Take a bite out of Dotspotter.

Here are the headline links from our friends at Dotspotter. Visit them & tell 'em I sent you. Just make sure you washed first......
The Californication of David Ducovny
Hot Spot: Brit, Wino & Scary Spice
Friends making a flick?
Makeup & Hookup shockers

New James Bond film is attacked by animal rights groups.

I love animals, so I won't mock this story. That being said, I can't wait for the new Bond film! The last one rocked.....
Star Pulse:
Producers on the latest James Bond movie have come under fire from animal rights activists over fears horses may be injured or killed.
Bond 22 reaches its climax against the backdrop of historic bareback horse race the Palio, which takes place in the Tuscan hill town of Siena.
The race is renowned for being extremely dangerous, and campaigners are predicting horses will be at risk of injury or even death during filming. They claim that 50 horses have died in the race since 1970 with many more maimed. Shooting on the scene is due to commence on Thursday.

Laura Dern will get chased by T-Rex again.

Laura Dern has signed on for Jurassic Park 4. Do we really need #4? The studio must....
Bloody Disgusting:
Bloody-Disgusting learned this weekend that Universal Pictures has officially begun casting for Jurassic Park IV, which will film in Kauai, Hawaii later this year! Laura Dern confirmed her return to the franchise as Dr. Ellie Sattler here as Sam Neill will NOT return. We're told that the film is about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. Based on the I can now safely declare that this franchise has entered 'ridiculous sequel mode'. Watch for more news soon.

Links that enjoy the finer things.

Steve Winwood can do it all! Steve Winwood
Naomi Watts goes out with her baby. celebitchy
Sean Hayes goes to the movies. Celebrity Puke
Elisha Cuthbert at Paris' beach party. Celebrity Smack
Kirstie Allie gives the finger. dlisted
Hayden Panettiere's countdown reaches 7. Hayden's Countdown
Watch Holy Candy TV. It will make you a better person. Holy Candy
Matthew McConaughey on the beach. Just Jared
Carmen the beach. NewsToob
Nicole Richie is actually showing. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Kate Hudson & Dax heat it up. Splash
Mitt Romney uses Satanic powers to win Iowa. Mitt Romney Is The Devil
Karl Rove is stepping down. MSNBC

Katie Holmes takes control of Tom Cruise's wardrobe.

I guess the wardrobe is a start. What should be next? Taking control of weird religions or just plain creepiness?...
This week's New Idea reveals that Katie Holmes has finally had enough of her control-freak husband Tom Cruise and is about to overhaul his outdated image.
Sick of playing the obedient wife to the mega-star, Katie has decided he has to lose his woollen cardigans, jumpers and stuffy three-piece suits or else.
Apparently, Katie first tried to deal with their age gap by dressing older, but thanks to her new best friend, the ever-stylish Victoria Beckham, she ditched her twin-set-and-pearls look for a "younger, funkier look and chic new haircut". And now she thinks Tom needs a makeover too.

Jessica Simpson asked Daddy for a Mexican orphan for her 16th birthday.

I'm torn about this story. Should Geno's World mock Jessica Simpson for wanting to adopt a child when she was 16? Or should I applaud her having human emotions?.....
"The first time I went to that orphanage, I was 16. I remember holding this baby who was found in a dumpster. I wanted to adopt him right then and there. I was like, 'Dad, can I have him for my birthday, please?'"

Prince William to propose to Kate Middleton?

Will I will be invited to the wedding? What should I wear? What kind of gift do you give a future King?????
Prince William is set to propose to Kate Middleton, with a royal wedding predicted for 2009.
A British paper claims that the 25-year-old prince will propose to Middleton as soon as he finishes his training with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, late next year.
"We will know about an engagement sooner rather than later," a royal source told the newspaper.

Keira Knightly pushes Chanel.

Was Keira Knightly a good choice to promote Chanel? I believe so........

Friends movie buzz.

Read my article about the prospect of a "Friends" movie at Dotspotter. Would they go forward with a partial cast & big name replacements?....

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