Scare the pants off of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Do you want to scare the pants off of Jennifer Love Hewitt? Jennifer recently had a post on her official website which encourages fans to e-mail her ghost stories. The best of the lot may end up in the Ghost Whisperer onset newspaper "The Grandview".
Hey Everybody,
It’s JLH, and I want to let you know that thanks to all of your love, support and TV watching, “Ghost Whisperer” is back for Season 3. We’re getting ready to go into episode #4 if you can believe it - time is flying! This season promises to be extra scary, and lots of fun. If you watched the show before, thank you so much for you support. If you haven’t watched the show, grab some popcorn, cancel your plans on Sept. 28, and watch our premiere episode!
I promise to deliver straight to you guys first, any cool ghost sightings or ghost stories from the set. If you have any for me, email them to me and you just might find your story featured in our new onset newspaper, The Grandview! That’s right, we’ve started our own little newspaper and I’m looking for stories all the time. Send me your ghostly encounters, and the best ones will make it in!
Until next time, lots of love and ghostly wishes,
- Jennifer Love HewittMail your ghost stories to