Friday, April 20, 2007

And your little dog too...

Toto has announced that former lead vocalist Fergie Frederiksen will join the band for the band's May 5th show in Minnesota. Fergie was lead singer for the band's 1984 release "Isolation". I still play the CD quite a bit...

I usually just go to movie openings

Celebslam has a super collection of recent Camilla Belle photos. She recently attended a boutique opening. I never go to these events...perhaps that's why I haven't run into lovely Camilla....

All hail Yau Man!

Survivor has an unlikely front runner. 54 year old Yau Man has dominated play with his mind, personality and skills at challenges. He's a likable dude and I'm rooting for him. His alliance with Earl skillfully shocked the other side by pushing Edgardo out of the game last night. Good stuff...

I feel pretty. And ripped off.

John Edwards is a good looking dude. I'm confident in my manhood enough to say that. And he's got some nice hair....that he pays $400 to get cut....and charges it to his campaign....There are worse things that he could do, but 400 bucks for a haircut Johnny? You're getting ripped off.

More Keeley. Why? For world peace.

Here's a link to a behind the scenes look at a Keeley Hazell photoshoot. There is no better way to start the day. 9 out of 10 doctors agree.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

6 pieces of this & you won't sleep for a week

Jolt has a new "Energy gum". 2 pieces of gum=1 cup of coffee. Weeeeeeee! If that's not enough, they have a "24" promo. If I chew the gum, will I be like Jack Bauer?...No? Dammit!!!

Chaos reigns supreme

Dream Theater has unveiled a cover for the special edition of it's new CD "Systematic Chaos". The limited edition contains a documentary on the making of the CD. The documentary is directed by drummer Mike Portnoy. Reserve your copy now!

Authentic, but not fashionable

Marvel Comics is being coy about the validity of an Iron Man photo supposedly from the upcoming movie. It's the classic grey suit first worn by Tony Stark.

Keeley brings a smile or two

The news is completely horrifying lately. Nothing can change that. But Keeley Hazell pictures sure help a bit....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sanjaya? So what.

If you read this blog, you are aware that I watch a lot of TV. However, I don't watch American Idol. But after reading that Sanjaya is now the number 1 used word in blogging, I feel I must put my 2 cents in....Who cares. If you have a reality show set up where the American public picks the winner & you don't agree, tough cookies. Change the rules or live with it.... Oh and for the search engines: Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya Sanjaya, Sanjaya!

Podcasts are your friends

The Sun Online's podcast this week features a few bands including one of my favorites, Marillion. Check it out & check out Marillion's new CD at their website. Cool stuff as usual from the blokes from UK.

Is this good?

I like playing poker with Adriana Lima. She insists on only wearing her undergarments when we play. I do not object.

Man of steel?

Dennis Kucinich is said to be filing impeachment papers against Dick Cheney....Now that's funny!!! As you know, I'm not Cheney's biggest fan, but having Kucinich as your biggest foe is like having Pee Wee Herman as your biggest nemesis. I mean seriously, Kucinich is a cartoon character. I wonder if he will wear a cape to the press conference and say that he's for truth, justice and the American way...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The horror! Cheney kills bird!

It's not enough that he may be corrupt, shot his friend and is a mean old man...Now Dick Cheney killed a bird....With a plane....Bastard! I bet he told the pilot to aim for it....

I really love New York

I have watched every episode of "I love New York".... I loved every moment. The reunion special & the wacky ending blew me away. The promo for the reunion says it all: "It's the first ever I Love New York Reunion Show. All the guys are back (except the ones in jail, recovery, or therapy). New York and Sister Patterson will face the boys they dissed and the guys will square off and settle old feuds. Plus, New York and Tango will be reunited for the first time since Tango's surprise proposal. Are they still on their way to the alter?"......Pure genius!!!


Am I the only one who still watches "The Apprentice"???? Maybe. The show is ranked 97th according to TV Guide. They trashed Trump in last weeks issue for stating this season that he has the #1 show on TV.. In any case, the show is down to the final 4. I found it weird that although Frank & Nicole seemed on their way to winning the final task, Trump appeared to not want to fire Stefani and James. I smell a rat. He told all 4 that they were coming back this Sunday for the final live show. BS. He didn't want his final choice to be between Frank & Nicole. He thought he was on the golf course & he called a mulligan. Anyone agree?...I'll never know, nobody else is watching!!!

Inside "Lost"

"Lost" has been excellent in recent weeks. It continues to be must watch TV, even if ratings are down. EW has a great article on recent happenings with the show. The article also addresses ratings, upcoming shows and unanswered questions....

I am wearing Hanes

It seems that every time I watch TV, that Jennifer Love Hewitt Hanes ad is aired. God love her....It seems that Hanes has done a bit of "trimming" to her print ads. They make her look quite a bit thinner than she is. Thin or not as thin, she's cute as all hell.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Johnny's fire seems to be working

According to polls, John McCain is gaining ground on Rudy. This comes as a surprise to me. I thought McCain's recent speeches were burying him, but it seems the opposite is happening. On the other side, Obama is making inroads on Clinton.....Interesting stuff! The shadows of Freddy Thompson and Albert Gore are still lurking in the background scaring the candidates.

Do they allow megaphones?

Egotastic reports that Zooey Deshanel will appear nude in the upcoming "The Gospel According to Janis" flick....Is it rude to sit and cheer in the front row of a cinema? I'm just asking...

Mira glows

Mira Sorvino looks as adorable and sexy as ever! It looks like all the beauty tips that I've given her have really worked out....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm a good person

Al Franken is pulling out the big guns for his Senate run. Kevin Bacon, Kevin Kleine and Meathead are just a few famous names backing Al with cash and their celebrity name. It will be interesting if Al wins. After trashing the government for years, he will be on the hotseat. I wish him well.

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