Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm a good person

Al Franken is pulling out the big guns for his Senate run. Kevin Bacon, Kevin Kleine and Meathead are just a few famous names backing Al with cash and their celebrity name. It will be interesting if Al wins. After trashing the government for years, he will be on the hotseat. I wish him well.


-> Ray said...

He's running here in MN against Norm Coleman.
Norm will get my vote again.

Geno said...

When you vote, do you automatically say "Noooooooorm!!!"? :)

-> Ray said...

That would contravene the whole "secret ballot" principle.
...which I guess I already did.

The sad thing is, you have to remember that this is the state that elected Jesse Ventura as Governor (with Norm Coleman the runner up in that election). I suspect the electorate will once aging choose the celebrity over the competent politician.

Geno said...

We'll see. You never know what will happen. Maybe Norm will use clips from "Stuart Smalley" as ammo!

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