Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Links that have a lot of fanfare

ASIA performing a SMOKING version of "Fanfare For The Common Man" live from their Fantasia DVD. Just amazing!

Jeremy Piven drives a clean car. Celebrity Puke

Renee Zellweger...hot or not? Celebrity Smack

Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off her rock. Celebslam

Paris Hilton shops with a dog. The Star Blogger

Hayden Panettiere gallery. NewsToob


Dave said...

Thanks Geno for the link.

I totally agree!...great performance by Asia!!...

Great solos during this performance, Steve definetly has a different sound on his axe, which is cool. Also it was the first solo I seen JW in a long time... very cool all around.

I hope in the new year they make more DVD's and live performances available to the public... similiar what Genesis is doing through TheMusic.com

either way... I hinted at Mama ..Daddy wants Fantasia for XMAS.


-> Ray said...

The Fantasia DVD is excellent.
I ordered my tickets to see Asia in Milwaukee in April. That will make three years in a row that I've seen the original band. Who ever would have imagined, either that they would ever regroup, or that the reunion would last so long? I am one happy boy indeed.

Geno said...

Amen my brothers!

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