Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nicolette Sheridan's ex says her marriage to Michael Bolton is doomed.

"Tell all" books make me want to wash.................
Soderblom also believes that Nicolette’s marriage to singer Michael Bolton is doomed because of her black moods.
He said: "There were things about Nicolette's behaviour that struck me as very strange from the start, but I let them go. I was in love with her and I thought I was Superman, that I could save her from herself. But the truth is she is a very troubled woman who could not be more different from (Desperate Housewives character) Edie.
"Edie is a funny, flirty, sexy man-eater. Nicolette flirts and can be funny, but that's just to catch you. She likes the excitement and the challenge of landing a new man but it never lasts. She is just a lost, angry little girl who has never grown up.

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