Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged to a lover of big hipped women.

I kid Love! I kid! Congrats.
Access Hollywood:
Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of “The Ghost Whisper,” was asked four wonderful words, but not by ghost, spirit or apparition.
The actress is engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, Jennifer’s rep confirmed to Access Hollywood.
“They got engaged last week,” says her rep.
Ross gave Jennifer an engagement ring that has been in the Ross family for over a century.
The couple has not set a date for the ceremony, according to reports.
Ross McCall has appeared in the TV series “Band of Brothers,” “CSI:NY” and “Ghost Whisperer.”
Jennifer Love Hewitt is known for the television series “Party of Five” and “Time of Your Life.” She has appeared in the films “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “The Tuxedo” and “Garfield.”


Dave said...

big hipped, big boobed, big whatever.. I wouldn't kick her outta bed for fartin.....

Geno said...!

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