Thursday, October 04, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Gioia meets with Denise Rich and Clive Davis to cement support for American Idol seat.

Simon, Randy, and yes even Paula may be welcoming a new face to American Idol! Even if Paula stays put on Idol, there are serious powers behind the scenes that are pushing to add a "new", but familiar face to Idol's judging ranks.
A source close to Gioia Bruno has disclosed that she recently met with uber-socialite Denise Rich. Gioia apparently has had serious discussion in Ms. Rich's NYC penthouse to rally support for her comeback and campaign to claim the seat the on American Idol. Gioia isn't stopping there. She is enlisting the help of Clive Davis who skyrocketed her to fame in the late eighties at Arista with Exposé and the legendary artist manager Eliot Weisman, who also managed familiar superstar names such as Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr., to catapult her back into the limelight.

Back in the early nineties, with the success of Exposé, Gioia, who sang lead vocals in the group, had a major solo career ahead of her with several serious record deal offers on the table to consider. That is, until Exposé came to an abrupt end for Gioia. After eight consecutive top-ten hits, a benign throat tumor was discovered on her vocal chords and ended up putting her singing career on hiatus. A diva's worst nightmare. Gioia was unable to sing for several years until the tumor miraculously disappeared.

Sources close to Gioia have reported that she has recently been heard saying, "I am going to win that seat on American Idol. I've been waiting around long enough. If Whitney, Tina and Mariah can have a gigantic resurgence, so can I. I believe this is my turn."

Gioia's publicist, Jim Strzalkowski, could not be reached to comment on these recent reportings. Stay tuned!
Photos are of Gioia(and friends!), Clive Davis and Denise Rich.


Anonymous said...

AI is a family show. no place for someone like this Goia person.

Anonymous said...

She can have my seat anytime!

Paula's #1 fan said...

Buttboy said...

How's your boyfriend Perez? Everyone knows you are his buttboy. Loser.

Will said...

For the first poster, I'm not sure what you are getting at. You think Paula & Simon are good family show material? Gioia is a sweetie. She has more class than those two combined. You must be a bigot because she's big with the gay community. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! I love Gioia Bruno. She was my favorite in Expose. I didn't know she had a new single. Where can I get it?

Geno said... is her official site.
She has links there where you can puchase her music through amazon, itunes and others. Check it out!

Tom said...

Where can I apply to be one of the guys that carry her? :)

Anonymous said...

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