Thursday, October 04, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Expose singer Gioia in talks with American Idol executives.

There have been rumors circulating that Gioia Bruno of Exposé fame is secretly meeting with executives to replace Paula Abdul the upcoming season on American Idol. The talk has been growing, as Gioia, a music industry veteran who once lost her voice due to a benign tumor, has been visiting Los Angeles quite frequently and meeting with many powerful entertainment industry moguls. Some fans of Exposé have also been chattering about there being an Exposé night on American Idol this coming season as well.

Several of Gioia's friends are saying that she has been talking a lot about how she would love to replace Abdul on the hit show. Recently, Gioia was heard by extras on the set of her latest music video for "Your Love is Lifting Me" (Higher and Higher)" saying, "I can do Paula's job. I am going to be a great judge!"

The switch does make a lot of sense, while Abdul has slipped up time and time again, Gioia Bruno as a replacement would be an easy transition for viewers and fans. Both are pop stars from the eighties, both are brunettes, both have a slew of hits under their belts and they are quite often mistaken for one another in public.

Gioia's publicist, Jim Strzalkowski, has confirmed that there is discussion with execs but declined to comment specifically about Gioia Bruno moving into Paula's seat as well as an Exposé night on American Idol. However he did say, "It would be great to see Gioia on American Idol. She has a rich history, is an incredible performer and has a truly amazing voice."

*****UPDATE******* For an exciting update on Gioia's meetings with Clive Davis and Denise Rich to cement support for Idol, click here


Anonymous said...

my goodness, stop making up stories! paula isnt being replaced

Geno said...

Go to Gioia's website & contact her people. They will tell you there is truth to the story.

Cathy said...

I looooooooove Expose! Gioia is smoking. I didn't realize she had solo stuff out. I saw them on Perez Hilton's site recently. They look great!

Anonymous said...

I want some of the stuff Paula Abdul is on.

Perez is a liar said...

Didn't Perez say Castro is dead?

Paula's #1 fan said...

I see you left out Paula's website. Jerkoff. Leave her alone!! has all the best Paula news.

Anonymous said...

Expose was the first CD I ever bought! To the point of no return oh oh oh! Love that shit!

Anonymous said...

Is the last picture Gioia or Paula?

Geno said...

All the pictures are Gioia.

Metal Mike said...

If Perez is the most hated site, you are number 2. Congratulations moron.

Anonymous said...

I think she could crush Paula with those arms.

Anonymous said...

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