Evangeline Lilly's love life is stressing me out.

Are they? Aren't they? I'm losing sleep over this. O.k., maybe not.....
24 Hours:
Can Evangeline Lilly point us in the right direction? We're feeling a little Lost. We want to know if we can find her plodding her way down the rocky road to Splitsville.
Because the chat is that there's been trouble in paradise between her and her bf, Dominic Monaghan, ananova.com reported. Yep, the word on the block is that the couple have found it a tad stressful keeping up the relationship since Dom was written out of Lost last season. Especially now that they're working thousands of miles apart - that's always going to be tricky no matter how in love you are. Evangeline, who is still doing the Lost thing, remains grafting in Hawaii, while Dom is spending most of his time in L.A. these days exploring new horizons. A show source told OK!: "They're still a couple. But Dominic is bummed out. He promises to fly out to see her every few weeks because she's the love of his life, but things have hit a rough patch." But it isn't just Dom doing all the moping. There's some whispering that she may quit Lost to save their relationship. The source said: "She'll do whatever it takes for them to survive this."