America Ferrera's fear of stalkers made her seek a new apartment.

There are worse reasons to move....
America Ferrera has been driven out of her home because she is scared of stalkers. The 23-year-old actress - who plays clumsy PA Betty Suarez in hit U.S. TV show 'Ugly Betty' - was advised by the program's bosses to move into a more secure apartment after they realized how easy it would be for obsessed fans to get into her property.
America said: "There was a big security issue. I was living in an apartment in Hollywood where the windows faced the street. I always left them open because there was an air conditioning unit hooked up to the outside."
"My bosses told me that was probably not such a good idea. Anyone could look straight into the apartment, so I decided it was time to move. I do try to keep as low key as I can, and be safe as I go about my daily routine. But luckily it takes a lot to shake me up."
America - who last month won the Best Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her performance in the show - also said some fans find it hard to distinguish between her character Betty and the real her.
She said: "The line gets blurred. You just have to deal with that every now and then and be safe and be careful."