Tipsy Orlando Bloom tells Elle MacPherson "I just want to rub my face in your bosoms."

When you are rich, famous & great looking, you can get away with saying almost anything! Guys, I don't recommend trying this approach....
Orlando Bloom created a stir at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London by going on a "slurring" mission to chat up as many women as possible.
The Pirates Of The Caribbean star apparently abandoned his date at the bash as he "lost the plot and was slurring and falling around all over the place".
Bloom proceeded to gush his undying friendship with artist Tracey Emin, whilst he told supermodel Elle MacPherson, "I just want to rub my face in your bosoms," according to the Mail.
However, Bloom finally found someone appreciative in his attentions with Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, who got a tap on her bottom for her efforts.