Patrick Dempsey loves England....and rain.

Has anyone looked into the possibility that Dempsey is a vampire?....
Star Pulse:
Actor Patrick Dempsey had the dream break in Britain this summer - even though it didn't stop raining. The Grey's Anatomy star took his family to the U.K. so he could enjoy a brief vacation after he finished shooting romantic comedy Made of Honor in Scotland.
And even the dreadful weather didn't ruin the trip for the history-loving car-racing fan.
He says, "I love the rain and we got to shoot in beautiful castles in the countryside. We got to explore London - go to museums, sightseeing and the musicals. I also had an opportunity to see the British Grand Prix and the Tour de France. It was a nice holiday."
And now Maine native Dempsey is thinking about buying a place in Britain: "I thought about getting a place in the countryside in England. I could really see myself living there."