Links that will take all of the above.

4 great musicians from 4 different bands made Transatlantic a true supergroup while it lasted!!! Transatlantic
Sharon Stone signs a picture from the Stone age. Celebrity Puke
Britney Spears fan goes mental. Celebrity Smack
Vanessa Hudgens fans gets schooled by Nick at Celebslam
Love it: Jennifer Aniston for Smart Water. Dotspotter
Katie Holmes shops in Paris. Gossip Girls
Girls Gone Wild wants Vanessa Hudgens. Holy Candy
Garfunkel Jr. is just like dad. It's All Good...Gossip!
Keira Knightly at the Atonement premiere. NewsToob
Is Jordan still sexy? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Hayden Panettiere directs reporters to Sarah Silverman. The Star Blogger