Jon Bon Jovi slams Oasis, Robbie Williams and Pete Doherty.

I agree with him about Robbie & Pete. But Oasis is a fantastic band that has a bazillion fans. I find it hard to believe that Jon would trash other bands like this....
Jon Bon Jovi reportedly doesn’t think much to various British musicians.
Speaking to Glamour magazine, Jon was a little confused to be asked his opinion of Robbie Williams because he doesn’t rate the former Take That star at all: “That guy? He couldn’t fill a bar. He couldn’t even sell 500 tickets.”
And as for Oasis: “They couldn’t fill a bar, either - and they’re full of themselves.”
He added that he only knew of Pete Doherty for his personal life and not his musical career: “We’re not familiar with anything other than his antics and the fact he’s always in trouble - I’ve never heard a single one of his songs.”