Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jeff Scott Soto talks about being fired from Journey and friendly competition with Def Leppard.

I'm very surprised that Neal or someone else didn't have the decency to talk to Jeff in person or on the phone. Shame on them!
Melodic Rock:
Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (Ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Journey, Talisman) recently discussed his dismissal from Journey with The Classic Metal Show ( Here's an excerpt:The Classic Metal Show – We read in the press release that you were let go from Journey because the band wants to go back to the “old sound”. I'm curious what you were told when you were let go from the band.Jeff Scott Soto – Actually, I can't go into too many specifics here because there are some pending things going back and forth, but what I can say is that I wasn't really told anything. I can't get into any kind of trouble by stating the true fact that I haven't spoken to any one of those guys since the last show that we did together, which was back in Virginia on May 12th. I left for Europe three days after that to start the Talisman farewell tour. Like I said, I haven't spoken to one guy in the band since that day. Nobody has bothered to call me, and it was all done through the management and through all their top people because they just didn't want to address it. Maybe they felt that I'd want to discuss it with them, and there just wasn't any grounds for discussion. It is what it is, and I was just kind of given the walking papers. The only thing I have to go on is exactly what you said. The press release states exactly that. They felt they needed someone that can live their legacy and do their catalog the way the fans have come to expect it. I honestly didn't see that when I was playing with them. As you said, we were kicking ass out there. Every show was just knocking them dead. It even got to the point where Def Leppard had to raise their game. They went out there and went, “Guys, they are playing before us. We can't slag tonight.” Every night they were on top of their game, because they realized that if they slacked off for two seconds, everyone was going to go, “Journey beat them again tonight.” It was a very good and healthy competition between the two bands, and God bless them for it. We're all getting up there in our years, but we all kind of felt like we were kids again going out there and doing those shows.As far as I'm concerned, yeah…I was hurt being let go the way I was. I had a nice feeling about the band. I had a great respect for them, and I was so happy to be there. I looked forward to a nice, fruitful career with the band. That's why it hurt in being let go, but I'm not going to sit here and berate anybody and put anybody down. It's time for me to move on and it's time for them to move on. That's how I see it.To download the interview, subscribe to The Best Of The CMS Podcast at


Anonymous said...

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Julie hermiz said...

What a thoroughly decent and commendable guy Jeff Scott Soto is. He could have slated the other guys in Journey but he's above that, let the facts speak for themselves. Whilst Jeff was with Journey it became
'The Jeff Scott Soto Show' we all could see it and Neal Schon could see that, Jeff was a big threat to the band, you only have to see him performing, he not only owns the stage, he owns the show. One of the nicest and hottest guys in the music industry, not one person has a bad word to say about Jeff, he is highly respected for his work in music and as a man, hats off to him because he's a gentleman and an accomplished frontman and solo artist.

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