Charlotte Church wants to have her man get a "He's taken" tattoo.

I believe a "My girlfriend is nuts" tattoo would be more appropriate....
Charlotte Church has reportedly told boyfriend Gavin Henson that he should have a tattoo inked on his wrist to ward off other women.
According to the People newspaper, Charlotte has asked him to have her name and the phrase “he’s taken” tattooed onto his forearm to help prevent repeats of the recent rumours linking him to a random girl in a nightclub.
A close source told the newspaper: “Charlotte knows Gavin’s a good-looking fella and he is often away for matches.”
“The couple are getting really serious and especially with a baby on the way Charlotte wants to make sure that the world knows they are together.”
“By putting a tattoo on his wrist she is hoping girls will get the message and stop bugging him. She is terrified he could stray.”
The couple are expecting their first child together later this month