Presidential candidates line up for Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has 4 different Presidential candidates lined up as guests this month. Some have natural humor like John McCain. Some like Joe Biden will try to make lame jokes that may put the audience asleep. Will Stewart ask Tommy Thompson about his weird hair? Will Obama be stiff? Only time will tell....
Four presidential candidates are lined up to visit Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" over the next three weeks as Comedy Central's satirical news review ramps up its "Indecision 2008" coverage.
Sen. Joseph Biden, the Delaware Democrat, is first up this Wednesday. Biden appeared on "The Daily Show" last winter on the day he announced his candidacy.
Republican John McCain makes his 10th appearance on Aug. 16, followed by another Republican, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, on Aug. 20.
On Aug. 22, Democratic contender Barack Obama comes back to the show for a second time, his first as a declared candidate.