Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nick Carter slams ex Paris Hilton.

Nick Carter was brutally honest about his ex Paris Hilton. He said that he doesn't care about her anymore. He also added that half of America doesn't care about her anymore. I hope for Nick & his fellow BackStreet Boys bandmates sake, America doesn't feel the same way about them......
Entertainment Wise:
With the Backstreet Boys reformed and ready to embark on a reunion tour, it was inevitable they would be asked about the past. For Nick Carter, his past is ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton. So what does he think of her?
When asked on New York radio show Scott & Todd how he felt about his former love, Carter seemed less than impressed saying; “[Bandmate] Howie asked me that question this morning: 'You don't think about her no more? You ever wish you could be back with her?' To be honest, no."
He added quite bitterly, but honestly: "I don't even care anymore. I think half of America doesn't care either." Touché!
To listen to the heated interview click here!


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