More Alyssa Milano news than you can stand! Or maybe not....

Amnico Jewely announced their partnership with Alyssa Milano's In Touch line. PR: Aminco International (USA), Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with Alyssa Milano's Brand TOUCH and Major League Baseball to design and manufacture an exclusive line of MLB fashion jewelry for fans to wear "in and out of the stadium."
Building on the overwhelming success of the clothing line, TOUCH by Alyssa Milano, the brand will now enter into partnership with Aminco International (USA)Inc. and Major League Baseball to launch a line of MLB Fan Fashion Jewelry.
The TOUCH Fashion Jewelry line by Alyssa Milano & Aminco International will be available for retail sales in the Spring of 2008. The line of officially licensed MLB products is set to include bracelets, necklaces/pendants, earrings and hair accessories.
Alyssa also has a new blog entry at her official site:
Hello sweet people! Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted here on CELEBRITY LOOP but I have been extremely busy with the clothing line (I have been designing Spring ’08 with vigor) and other fun things. I hope you’re all well and healthy.
As you know, on August 15th, Peru suffered a tremendous earthquake killing hundreds upon hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless. In the Andean winter, time is of the essence. For more information on the devastation and how you can help and empower other’s to help, please visit:
And needless to say, we all need to pray for the families of the miners that were trapped nearly two weeks ago in Utah and those that lost loved ones during the rescue efforts. Let’s hope that this preventable accident propels better mine safety not only in Utah, but also throughout the United States.
Peace,Light,AND LOVE,Alyssa
P.S. I wanted to give you some good news (but slightly irrelevant given the body and seriousness of this entry). "The Blue Hour", which is the independent film that I did last year, has been accepted into the San Sebastian Film Festival in the "best new director" category. I am very proud of my director, Eric Nazarian for this achievement.
I thought you would like this news, as I know you have been asking about the film for some time and wondering the status of it’s theatrical release. Hopefully, we will be accepted into other festivals as well and be able to get distribution. Of course, I will keep you posted on our progress.
For more information, you can click on this link: