Lucy Pinder is outraged at sex comments on fake site.

I'm outraged! I'm angry! I'm......What was I saying....After looking at pictures of Lucy, I lose my train of thought.....
Daily Star:
MODEL Lucy Pinder has hit out at internet fraudsters who set up a site in her name glorifying drug use during sex.
The webpage on MySpace features a sexually explicit song about using cocaine.The site, which claims to be the 23-year-old’s official page, features a host of inaccurate information, listing her interests as “sex and shopping” and saying she is bisexual.The fraudsters even say she has joined MySpace to meet “hot, sexy people from around the world”. Shocked Lucy, from Winchester, Hants, is scared the page could “tarnish” her reputation. Last night she said that not only was she against any form of drug abuse, but she would never support any material that glamorised it.Lucy said: “I’m disgusted by the suggestion that I support the use of illegal drugs. I’m totally opposed to drug abuse.“The site has been set up without my permission. I didn’t know it existed.“It’s not the first time a site has been set up in my name, and I find it very odd that someone would try to deliberately tarnish my reputation.”Lucy’s manager has previously had to contact other websites, including MySpace, about removing pages that had been set up without her knowledge