Friday, August 31, 2007

Links that are working for the weekend.

Loverboy is still touring! Loverboy
Heather Mills is racking up the parking tickets. Celebrity Cowboy
Britney Spears leaves a Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. Celebrity Puke
If celebrities endorsed candy. Celebrity Smack
Danielle Lloyd does Maxim. Celebslam
Ashton Kutcher wears manpris??? dlisted
Celeb du Jour: Keira Knightly. Dotspotter
Anna Kournikova is one hot potato. Hollywood Tuna
Larry said/O.K.! said. Holy Candy
Britney Spears' new single. JJ's blog
Nicole Richie at Jamba Juice. Just Jared
Barnes & Noble says yes to O.J.. NewsToob
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren make out. Pop On The Pop
"Heroes" stars wearing....what???? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Cameron Diaz celebrates her birthday on set. Splash
Rihanna looks HOT for her new video. The Bastardly
Paris Hilton to Brandon "Eat my dust!" The Star Blogger
Desperate Housewives are flawless. Yeeeah!


Dave said...

Being Canadian eh....

I seen this guys back in 1982 and Bryan Adams was the opening 'band' (it was billed as the "Bryan Adams band') ...I must say it was one of the one of the best concerts i seen! Very good sound and excellent performance.

..25 years later!...they still sound great!
I was apprehensive before the concert but it came through and must say great performance.

Another band who I closely admire both "back then" and now is Asia (one reason why I found your blog) Hearing and seeing them now in their normal line-up. They are astounding. WOW.. very very refined and clean sounding. Very unfortunate with Wetton's situation but it sounds positive. All the best with John Wetton in his recovery from heart surgery.

Geno said...

Amen brother!

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