Kiefer Sutherland skips "Lost Boys" sequel.

The "Lost Boys" movie airs on a cable station somewhere every 5 minutes. The popular vampire flick from 20 years ago is finally spawning a sequel. Not surprisingly, Kiefer Sutherland is skipping this straight to DVD gem.....
With Kiefer too busy washing his hair or counting his rice or something equally pressing, Empire Online reports that the role has fallen to… Angus Sutherland, Kiefer’s half brother.
Better news for fans of the original. While Jason Patric is unlikely to reprise his role, the Coreys are, reportedly, back!
Yes indeed, Corey Haim is lined up to play Sam, and Corey Feldman is also back - alongside Jamison Newlander - as the vampire-hunting, comic-book obsessives, the Frog Brothers.
The magazine reports that the film is currently called The Lost Boys - The Tribe and will see vampires terrorising a seaside town. Hmm. Sounds familiar…