John Wetton has the heart of a lion!

My hero, John Wetton is recovering from heart surgery. He posted the following on his website:
The winged messengers and guides who have been bringing prayers and wishes from you to me (and back) must be taking a well-earned break for a cup of ambrosia,because I am back at home. The last tube was removed yesterday,and I amazed myself (but not my Physio) by walking unattended up 4 flights of stairs today before being discharged.So my thanks to you guys for the love and good stuff that I knew was coming my way-it certainly found its mark. The people to whom I owe my life would read like an Oscar acceptance list,but I can't NOT name these three men,without whose skill, vision and professionalism I would simply and actually not be here. To them I owe my life. Dr.Roberto Casula, Dr.Martin Scurr,and Dr.Richard Carroll, thank you.